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P1na: you can completely hide, you don't have to. I'd appreciate a filter myself.

And I just so happen a java programmer. You have insulted my livelyhood. I hate you.
I agree with you about filters ;)

Java was/is quite nice, but I read that the newer version of java is quite unsecure, that`s why I haven´t bothered, if you can convince me (no not persuade ;) ) I might give it a shot ;)

The problem nowadays is that security is kind of second thought only. Starting with the OS, continuing with anything else. I remember the old days, you screwed up your password and that was it, no way to recover....was really bad if you lost your email this way ;)

THREE attempts, that was it. And if somebody else tried to connect to your account, you were informed about it.....
pigdog: Hope I'm not missing something but I'd like the option of having a straightforward list of games on sale that can be sorted by price, highest discount, most recently on sale etc.. I can make sense of the front page but a few more options would be nice.
HunchBluntley: Have you tried MaGog? I don't know if it really qualifies as "straightforward", but there are tons of filtering and sorting options, including all those you mentioned. There might be a slight learning curve, though. =)
That's great. Thank you.
Nope, I'm not finding myself confused by the sale so far at least.
WildHobgoblin: ... So, every 12 hours, top half becomes bottom half, bottom half disappears.
I hope this makes things a bit clearer?
Although I basically agree with you, I find the whole setup to be a little confusing and not that great to navigate...
Ah ha! Thank you! No doubt that clarified the situation for many bewildered Goggers. GreenRep for you!
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