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mike_cesara: What really bothers me is why The Witcher is anti-vegetarian..
Oh that's just the vegan propaganda lobby at work. They aim to have total tofu integration by 2020 mark my words.
anothername: Your picture proofs the opposite.

Beer is a staple food and (at least if brewed in compliance with the German purity law) pure vegan :D
mike_cesara: Good point. But what about vegetarians-alcoholics anonymous?
Mature dark-fantasy settings like Witcher do have to bring up the hard & unpopular topics sometimes :D
SpooferJahk: Witcher 3 is anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-everything.
AFAICT, this.
Hardrada: I do not know about The Witcher III but you could certainly argue that Bioware has been reluctant to portray straight characters in its games, I think every romancable character in Dragon Age II was bisexual for example.
They had straight characters in DA3.

Although, it's definitely arguable that most humans are bisexual. Kinsey scale strongly supports this.
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