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Hi Guys and Girls,

I wanted to invite anyone that is interested to visit my You tube channel. I am planning to play all kinds of games but decided to start with TQ Anniversary Edition.. I am doing no commentary playthroughs. I started 5 days ago. Viewers can expect 1 video daily around 30 minutes long. Everything will be shown , no offscreen play, no farming - a straight playthrough with a Conqueror build. Everything will be done though, I am in no rush.

See you there!
Episode 6 is out.
Episode 7 is done.
Episode 8 is there.
Episodes 9 and 10 are up.
Episode 11 is up. This will be the last one before christmas. Merry Christmas everyone! The Quest will continue on December 27th!
Episode 12 is up.
A small milestone is Achieved today as we reach Athens gates after a long journey. Also this marks Episode 19 ans 20 of the playthrough.
In Episodes 21 and 22 we finnish Athens and embark to Knossos.
In Episode 25 we finally venture through the labyrinth and kill the Minotaur and Telkine and that withouth any skillpoints, just with the gear we found so far and all skillpoints put into the Mastery. Greece is finished on normal and now its on to egypt. (EP 26).
Episodes 27 - 33 are up. Next Video on monday We are close to memphis now.
Episodes 34 and 35 are up covering the oMemphis outskirts, Memphis itself and parts of the Gizah Plateau:
After a busy week episodes 36 - 39 have been released covering Gizah including all quests and we are now on the way to Fayum.
One week later and episodes 40 - 44 are up, covering all the way to the valley of kings. Next week the focus will be the valley of kings and all its tombs. Next vid on monday.
So finaly this is it Egypt lies behind us - 45 -49. So we will have a small anniversary next week starting off the orient wit episode 50