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As promised the chase after the Telkine started - episodes 50 -54 are up!
One week later we have reached the great wall /Episodes 55 - 59)
In episodes 60 - 64 we pass chang ´an and almost reach the yellow emperor.
This week we traveled to the Emperor and back to Chang´an, The forest of the Ancients and Wusao Mountain. Today we will battle the third Telkine and prepare for Olympus (Episodes 65 - 69.
In todays Episode we will battle Typhon! Straight playthrough, no repetition of any area, self found. An epic Battle awaits in Episode 70!
The last week saw Episodes 70 - 74. After defeating Typhon with only one death during the battle and that was due to slow reflexes on my part - we went to Rhodes and covered Medeas Grove as well. This week we will continue through Immortal throne. As always expect one episode per day Mo - Fr. Normal release time is 6 pm central european time.
This is episode 100! Thank you to everyone who has watched and had interest in this project so far, especially to my subscribers. If you are interested as well consider subscribing - because after I finish this normal playthrough you and the other subscribers will help to decide the next project.

This week has seen the start of Ragnarök. In episodes 97 - 100 we cover the return to greece and the first steps in the celtic lands. Episode 100 will be out later today.
Thats it! The last battle is fought, Surtr slain and Loki has fled. After 132 Episodes this playthrough is finally finished.

It has been a pleasure doing this, and I hope you had and will have fun watching it. This should be the most complete playthrough of TQ normal mode on youtube and a reference for people that want to see how to build a char from scratch with nothing and no help from the outside or any sources other then what is found on the way. I didnt respec any points at any time. If you have any questions post them here.

Our hero will tackle epic difficulty once the next project is done. Thanks for watching! Next is the vote for the new project. Subscribers will have 5 candidates to choose from. So if you want your vote to count subscribe to the channel.. I hope many will take the oppertunity to take this playthrough as a guide.
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