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IMPORTANT: Please read before posting This topic has been provided to discuss the latest releases of our Downloader (for both Mac and Windows systems) and to submit bug reports. The stable releases (recommended for most users) can be found at this address:

Latest version:

Mac OS X - 1.2 (build 512)
Windows - 3.6.0

Both Downloaders now have the option of sending Error Reports directly to us (this can be found in app under Settings).
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tryingnewstyle: Im having some problems with the downloader, when i try to download it from gog, it stops and gives and error. The download doesnt finish.
Are you having problems with downloading the app from our website? The connection drops in the middle?
Sor_Eddie: My computer completely freaks out when I use the GOG Downloader to get any big files (over 1 GB). The harddrive read speed reaches 100% and stays that way for quite a while until the file is done. It seems to be related to Avast scanning the file as it downloads, I think. I'm using Windows 8.1 btw
Yes, some antivirus software seems to interfere with our Downloader. Try adding it to a white list or disable antivirus while using it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
ancalimon: Today I added some downloads by clicking on the links on my library. Downloader icon next to clock appears, it starts to download but its window can not be opened. I tried rebooting, reinstalling the gog downloader but its window does not open but it downloads the games since they appear inside the folders.
The window does not pop up when you double click the icon?
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This might be an issue on our CDN side. Would you mind to check if the download speed will continue the same in some time ?
hvlckvtnr: I've used the GOG Downloader for quite some time, but about a week or so (hard to tell, only recently wanted to download) it stopped working. In sys tray, the icon is a dark down arrow, and the right-click options are greyed-out Resume and Pause, and only one that works is Exit. Double-clicking on it does nothing. If I kill it and try to download something from, it launches again, but in same dark state. I've reinstalled it, and restarted machine, but still nothing. Help?
Please make sure nothing is blocking the Downloader from reaching our API. Probably antivirus or firewall is preventing our app from connecting to the Internet.
Jonesybunny: As of the latest stable Windows GOG Downloader release, the issue of the magnifying glass button going to My Documents instead of to the download folder still has not been fixed.

Search reveals last mention of this being worked on was on January 07, 2013.

Has there been any updates regarding this issue?
I would recommend just repointing the Downloader to your preferred folder. I had this issue pop up once and once I repointed the Downloader to my preferred folder this never happened again :)
BriteLeaf: I can't download any of my games because I get an error saying gogdownloader isn't associated with any programs. How can I fix this?
Try uninstalling and re-installing it :)
HypersomniacLive: Give me a moment to make some screenshots!

EDIT: Do you use the shelf or the list view for your games?
lynthorpe: Usually use shelf. Just tried in list view after seeing your post but still getting chunksum errors
I noticed you're getting the "can't find the next BIN" error. Can you tell me if you have these files in one directory?


skeletonbow: Occasionally when GOG downloader starts up I am greeted with a dialog box asking me whether it is ok to permit it to add cookies to my system. That's a bit of a surprise for me because for starters I do not use Internet Explorer and it is trying to set cookies in Internet Explorer, and I don't allow it or see any good reason why it should be setting cookies in any web browser.

Why does GOG downloader use cookies for anything at all? If it were any other program my "trust radar" would be working overtime and I'd uninstall the program for trying to tamper with browser cookies. I completely trust GOG though so I'm giving the benefit of doubt about it not being for nefarious purposes, but I'm not allowing it to happen either. I don't want any software setting cookies on my computer for any reason except the web browser that I actually use (Firefox) itself, and only then once I've given a particular website permission to do so (I use the CookieMonster extension to control what sites can set/read cookies).

If someone from could explain what this is trying to do it would be nice to know, but it seems to be a bad practice in general as it makes the assumption someone is using Internet Explorer as their web browser which is not only a bad assumption to make, it is a decreasingly correct one as other browsers take over the marketshare. It shouldn't be setting cookies in any browser though really. feedback appreciated.
Could you make any screenshot of it? The GOG Downloader doesn't need any cookies at all (I am creator of it the Downloader).
skeletonbow: Ok it just happened again. I got a notification there was a new game update, went to my shelf (in Firefox 29) and the game updated was "To the Moon". I clicked on the game and then on the bonus materials button which fired up GOG downloader and as it started I got the following Internet Explorer cookie popup attached below as requested. I did not close the cookie dialogue (it is still open), however the download went ahead in GOG downloader as did the game download which I clicked on next.

If you could look into this it'd be very much appreciated, thanks!
The Downloader queries the website, which could prompt the cookie notification window. The main dev responsible for the Downloader has assured me that it does not use cookies on its own.
Nobake: A bit of functionality that I just realized I would absolutely love:

The ability to designate a target directory on a remote server instead of the local computer. I have plenty of space on my NAS, but not on my pc. After I download the installers, I upload them to my NAS and remove them from my pc to save space. It would be very nice if the Downloader could save the installers directly to the NAS and have it scanned for updates, then just download individual installers to my pc as I need them.

Same goes for the upcoming Galaxy client.
GOG Downloader will be replaced by the Galaxy Client when it goes live. We're not planning to incorporate any new features into it. But that's even better! We plan a lot for the Galaxy Client ;)
HypersomniacLive: Not sure if I should be excited or terrified. ;-P

Is there a timeline as to when it'll go live?
Excited only :). I can assure you it will be Legen... wait for it... dary ;)
No dates yet, but I can assure you we're working very hard on it.
JMich: I do recall there being trouble handling UNC paths, but a mapped network drive was acceptable. Not sure if UNC support has been added, but I think Szulak and Fallen_Zen are aware of that bug.
Yes, we're aware of that but currently we're extremely busy with the Galaxy so I cannot promise anything.
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remdyx: I click to download game client on game page, but nothing didn't happen. I think download will added to my GOG download manager, but i dont get it. Can you guys help me?
Look in your game shelf, do you have the GOG DOwnloader mode turned on or off?
EVader101: Any news when the downloader will support passwords with special characters and not bomb out with incorrect email and password.
Most likely it will never support passwords with special characters, it requires a lot of changes in both Downloader and Web API changes. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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