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Sell on wheels.

<span class="bold">Production Line</span>, a management/simulation game about running an efficient car factory, is now available DRM-free on

Maintaining a lucrative car manufacturing business is no small challenge for an inexperienced tycoon: you must pick the best new designs, find ways to cut production costs, optimize your assembly line, and set competitive prices to checkmate the competition.
Before the game exits its own productions line, Positech Games plan to enrich it with more car body and engine types, a solid marketing feature, as well as better fleshed out competitors.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the <span class="bold">FAQ</span> to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.

Watch the trailer.
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Looks like something I would enjoy; I like management games, and I really like cars.

It seems to have gathered plenty of interest so far, judging by the number of views on EnterElysium and OfficialStuffPlus's coverage on YouTube. Steam reviewes of the Alpha have been very positive as well, many describe it as a fuse between Factorio and Big Pharma.

cliffski: Shadowhand is coming *soon*. I know we said that before, but dev is a perfectionist :D
Hello there.

Will you be able to build other kinds of cars and/or vehicles as well ?

Also, is there a difference between buying the game DRM-free on GOG and your own website, and can I still play the Alpha if I buy it directly from you ? I usually prefer to buy directly from a developer.
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Antoni_Fox: This looks like a blatant Factorio knock-off.
First of all, Big Pharma was released long before Factorio, so if anyone is copying anyone ...

Secondly it's really nothing at all like Factorio, have a look at these videos: and [url=]EnterElysium.
I mean, even the GiantBomb guys could handle Factorio, this on the other hand looks a bit more complex.

post-edit: lol, how silly of me, Factorio isn't even released yet, it's still in Early Access.
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Currently the 3 body styles are Sedan, SUV and Compact. We are planning to add 4x4 and Sports car too, maybe pickup trucks as well, and we will ask people which sorts of cars they would prefer to see.

If you buy direct from us (we use the humble widget) you get a steam key too. All the builds are effectively the same (GoG, Steam and Humble).
Hm, this has definitely piqued my interest. Not enough to buy In Dev just yet, but will be keeping an eye on Production Line to see where it goes. And glad to see it on GOG as well!
GOG, we need to have a talk. No offence to the developer meant by this.

You know, I didn't think I'd find a game that manages to be just a bit more nerdy than Factorio, but here it is! So many other games are too niche for GOG, but this widget game about managing an assembly line for plain ole' cars? Put that right on early access!

I'll keep an eye on this, just in case it grows a beard during development, but GOG, seriously. No excuse for denying a game for being too niche.
mistermumbles: Since you're here already: Any news on the possible ETA of Shadow Hand?
Grargar: Mid-June or even July.
Vote, please ;)
Updated to build 1.22
The new version is now live, here are the differences since the previous build (roughly a week ago)

[version 1.22]
1) [Bug] Saving and loading no longer transforms all cars into sedans!
2) [Bug] Fixed bug where pallets would sometimes disappear from supply stockpiles and other stockpiles.
3) [Bug] Fixed bug wwhere speed buttons no longer highlighted to show current speed.
4) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when researching powerplant efficiency.
5) [GUI] Pop-up window now warns you whats changed if you delete a design currently being used by a production schedule.
6) [GUI] Better tooltips to show information on the tech tree.
7) [Tutorial] Some extra tutorial windows explaining game features have been added.
8) [GUI] Tooltips are more readable now (different color).
9) [GUI] Various minor GUI enhancements
10) [Realism] Changed fitting order to Brakes, Wheels, Tires as suggested by almost everyone!
11) [GUI] RollCage renamed to Body Shell.
12) [GUI] Fixed inconsistent naming of Engine Control Unit.
13) [Balance] Some late-stage technology is now slower to research.
14) [Bug] Fixes to potential crash bugs and issues with resource delivery.
15) [Feature] Added new researchable slot upgrade: Predictive Stock Control.
16) [Bug] Fixed major timing bug that affected the export of finished components from manufacturing slots.
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feelz 2 edcuational
is it possible for an “all product” selection in imports for an faster building experience