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Sell on wheels.

<span class="bold">Production Line</span>, a management/simulation game about running an efficient car factory, is now available DRM-free on

Maintaining a lucrative car manufacturing business is no small challenge for an inexperienced tycoon: you must pick the best new designs, find ways to cut production costs, optimize your assembly line, and set competitive prices to checkmate the competition.
Before the game exits its own productions line, Positech Games plan to enrich it with more car body and engine types, a solid marketing feature, as well as better fleshed out competitors.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the <span class="bold">FAQ</span> to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.

Watch the trailer.
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Wishbone: If it's a knockoff, it's a knockoff of Big Pharma, but given that it's the same developer, that's hardly surprising. Production Line is basically Big Pharma: Car Edition.

Trust me, it's nothing like Factorio.
Actually... Twice Circled coded Big Pharma (the game just got published by Positech). I do wonder if they used the same artist, though.

I've had this game since it was first released via the dev. It's interesting, but I found it difficult to upgrade things, because that messed up the whole pacing of the production line that came after. There was also lacking a tutorial.

I should note, though, that Reality has been kicking me into a pulp for a few months now, so I don't actually know that status of the most recent build.

The game does give my a mild taste of Factorio, but none of the "let's send things to destroy what you've built" BS that's so popular with that and RimWorld.
Middle Manager Simulator 2017.

Sounds fascinating.

Maybe I'll play it after I finish up my next round of "Clean the Bathroom Simulator", or "Time to Weed the Garden".
Looks interesting, but i'll wait untill is released. Now if it had been Oxygen not included or Rimworld...
robertgg: Another Early Access/Paid Beta piece of...1 and 0.

Shame on GOG for allowing such bull excrements here, keep it on Steam where such things belong.
You're free to like... shop somewhere else... I know it's a hard concept.
high rated
Hi, I'm the developer. Yup, we published Big Pharma but did not develop it, however one of the artists who worked on BP (actually I think about it) also worked on this game, hence some of the visual similarity.
Yup, I've played factorio, although actually we started on this game before then (it was originally a side scrolling game, believe it or not!). I like factorio, but this is a different sort of game.

The general principle in factorio is research to produce more and more and bigger and better stuff.
In Production Line, the aim is more to perfect the process than the product, hence we have fairly fixed sized factories, and the aim is to improve the layout, the efficiency of the process, and the use of space.

Production line is influenced by books by henry Ford, the development of the first production Line 9for the ford model T card in the 1900s) and the modern day version in the production of cars using robots, especially the Tesla 'gigafactory' being built to make electric car batteries in the US.

Hope that is of interest :D
No sale. I want my production line to make pie.
high rated
pies will be DLC.
cliffski: pies will be DLC.
Since you're here already: Any news on the possible ETA of Shadow Hand?
Definitely interesting...these guys' previous games never really did it for me but this pushes all the right buttons. I'm an engineer, obviously...
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Smannesman: Looks boring to me, but they've made some decent games so it could turn out okay.
Which ones? At least their games on GOG only have mediocre ratings. And looking at Democracy 3 doesn't let me expect anything good for the business model. ;)
I don't buy in-dev titles but I may pick it up after they release it. Looks ok. Nothing special so far but we will see...
eiii: Which ones? At least their games on GOG only have mediocre ratings. And looking at Democracy 3 doesn't let me expect anything good for the business model. ;)
Hence 'decent', which unless I'm mistaken only means 'acceptable'.
That was as positive as I could make it.
mistermumbles: Since you're here already: Any news on the possible ETA of Shadow Hand?
Mid-June or even July.
I'll likely pick it up if the game allows me to design and build The Homer.

Powerful like a gorilla, yet soft and yielding like a Nerf ball.
Shadowhand is coming *soon*. I know we said that before, but dev is a perfectionist :D