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Best experienced with your mouse.

<span class="bold">Ghost of a Tale</span>, a gritty fantasy adventure about a little mouse facing big trouble, now in development, DRM-free on with a 10% launch discount.

They say that history is written by the victors but sometimes the biggest truths are hidden behind a Ghost of a Tale. In this medieval world of animals, where the Mice have been marginalized by the vindictive Rats, Tilo's search for his beloved will accidentally throw him in harm's way. The little mouse minstrel is not much of a fighter, but cunning, guile, and nimbleness are forces to be reckoned with and Tilo wields them as expertly as he does his trusty lute.
Developers SeithCG are equally small in numbers and the community's input is helping them shape this endearing action/RPG into something truly special. The core stealth, exploration, and conversation mechanics are pretty much in place, but the flow of the story and exploration is still being tampered with by the team.
You can keep track of their progress through their official blog at

Play your lute through the spooky halls of Dwindling Heights Keep as you struggle to escape your own <span class="bold">Ghost of a Tale</span>, DRM-free on
The 10% launch discount will last until August 1, 4:59 PM UTC.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the <span class="bold">FAQ</span> to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.
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Ralph S. Mouse meets Mouse Guard?
All the links to the game say 404.
The links to the game page in this article are broken. It's not but ;)
I remember asking about it a while back. Awesome to see it here!

By the way uhm gog, your html is showing...
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Laberbacke: All the links to the game say 404.
Fixed. It was a slight caching issue :)
This looks... quite interesting, actually.

Guess i'll be keeping an eye on this one.
Verrrry interested in this, I noticed it a few days ago in the upcoming and got pretty excited for it after reading about it!
robertgg: another piece of paid beta/early access
Correct. But from what I can gather about the development of the game, this one time it's quite justified to do it this way.
Cool, "Redwall the Game". :D
Looks pretty and I like the concept, but those minimum system requirements, ouch!
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looks nice but not nice enough to be a beta tester and pay for the dubious privilege
I refuse to buy into something that isn't finished or proven, but if this turns out half as good as it looks when it's actually finished, i'll be all over it.
Looks like my kind of game and like the fact that you are not required to kill anyone. Not sure why it's called an action-RPG though. Hopefully won't be too long until it's released.
Luned: Looks pretty and I like the concept, but those minimum system requirements, ouch!
they are a bit steep
..well fucking vertical