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Trying to...

To be honest, I dislike locking threads and I think this one can do okay with a bit of help. Mostly I just wish we could discuss all sorts of stuff here and be excellent to each other.

If you'd like to do your part and bring balance to the forums, I urge you to refrain from feeding the fire.
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toxicTom: So free speech yes. Poo-flinging no.
That's one way to put it :)
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kohlrak: You can't suggest you're for free speech while simultaneously prohibiting it. When threads are civil, or at least regained civility after a period of hellfire, locking comes off as feeding the flames, as well. If you honestly want free speech with civility, target users without civility, not topics.
I do agree with you on this hence my personal dislike for nuking threads. It doesn't promote open or civil conversation, it just shuts everything down.

But that's also why forums such as these (but certainly not just these) are not really a reliable platform for exercising your free speech, as frustrating as that can be sometimes. When it comes to companies, platforms, or what have you, setting boundaries – it's just pragmatic, and I might even argue that it's the fair thing to do.

After all, free speech is a big deal, I don't know that any private entity out there is truly equipped to properly handle that kind of responsibility.
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I'm sorry but I've decided to lock this thread. It's gotten off topic a while ago and is now steadily getting more and more heated. I do understand that it's not easy to stay calm when things get somewhat personal, but please, let's try not to engage in a discourse wth those that try to provoke/start something.