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Just a quick fix.

Iconoclasts, the action/adventure about an honest mechanic trying to fix her dishonest fantasy world, has just been updated to version 1.15.

This update brings a new Boss Rush mode, a Relaxed difficulty setting for those who want to soak in its fascinating story without getting too challenged, plus a bunch of minor bugfixes. Time to jump back in - Robin can sure use your help.
Is it a fun game? Wroth playing? Can anyone give some feedback about it?
reative00: Is it a fun game? Wroth playing? Can anyone give some feedback about it?
I liked it a lot. There's a heavy story focus which makes it feel different to most "metroidvania" platformers. The exploration parts have more of a puzzle focus than action, with most of the action challenge coming from the bosses. It's also impressively long, especially if you take some time to explore and look for secrets.

I actually wrote about it at length on my personal blog:
reative00: Is it a fun game? Wroth playing? Can anyone give some feedback about it?
It's not a metroidvania, it's a linear story-driven platformer. At some points in the story you can go and explore the whole map to look for secrets, but absolutely none of them are game-changing (2 secret bosses and a number of ingredients and schematics that give tiny bonuses). There's no story outside of the linear script.

Production values are immense. No corners are cut.

I (and the RPS reviewer, iirc) have an issue with the design decision regarding controls. They're tolerable, though.

Boss fights are colorful but mechanically boring. (I wanted to say "paint-by-numbers", but they aren't even physically pleasant, because of the aforementioned controls issue.)

The story is utter shit and the main character is an idiot asswipe.
I personally enjoyed it a lot and I would personally say it's on the Top 5 Metroidvanias for me. It's really different from other Metroidvanias, even puzzle based ones. It depends on what do you like. I like platformers, Metroidvanias and puzzle games, so I enjoyed this one a lot.

Platforming is usually easy. Combat is more paper/scissors/rock than hard. I mean: Each enemy has one or more weakness you can exploit with your abilites, and part of the fun is discovering them. Once you learn how to kill the enemies, they usually are easy. Puzzles can be tough at some spots but they aren't obtuse or too hard (except on some hidden items/bosses). Backtracking is usually easy but sometimes you need to repeat a puzzle in a room to continue, which shouldn't be hard or slow, as most puzzles are easy once you have beaten them. Bosses are easy as long as you pay attention to the boss and other characters: There's always some clue about which movement the boss will make next, and other characters usually do exactly what you need to avoid them. Story is actually bigger and makes you think more than most of the Metroidvanias out there.

Keep in mind I don't speedrun or sequence break in this genre, so I don't know how good is the game doing that.

In case it can help, here are my tastes: I love Metroid saga, Castlevania saga, La Mulana, Rogue Legacy, Hollow Knight, Cave Story, Dust, some of the Shantae games, Fez and the Batman Arkhan games (IMO Metroidvanias must have hidden items, new abilities to reach new areas, bosses and a map that can be backtracked).

Hell Yeah and Momodora saga for me were meh, and The Mummy Demastered and Shadow Complex were bad. Couldn't even finish Valdis Story, I found it too boring.
I enjoyed it a ton. I gave it a 9/10 when I played through it earlier this year. I'd say it's closer to the Monster World games than Metroidvania, so an exploratory platformer with less emphasis on upgrades. I also wrote one of the reviews for it on the store page, so I guess more detailed thoughts there.
I love it, one of the most underrated Metroidvanias on the market. The controls are very satisfying IMO, the exploration is fun, the game is well paced, etc. and most of the boss fights are fantastic. It probably won't blow your mind, but it does what it does very well.
So what is the boss rush mode? I'm still playing the ordinary game (about 70% progress reported on save), so I'm reluctant to just try it out..
ped7g: So what is the boss rush mode? I'm still playing the ordinary game (about 70% progress reported on save), so I'm reluctant to just try it out..
I don't know about the one in Iconoclasts in particular, but generally, a boss rush mode is where you fight all (or at least most) of the game's bosses right after one another, and if you get to the end, the game tells you how long it took. (It's not unusual for boss rush modes to have a timer that is visible during the entire attempt.)

I first encountered the term in Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance (which even had a secret character only playable on that mode), but such a feature has been around, in some form, for much longer. (I believe it was present even in early Kirby games, for example, though it might not have had the timer.)

By the way, it is common for game completion to be required to unlock boss rush mode; I don't know if Iconoclasts has that requirement.

(Note that I do not own Iconoclasts.)