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Hello everyone!

Now that the weather is getting warmer my thoughts are consumed by one cream!!! Even that song says that everyone screams for it.

What are your favourite brands/flavours? I usually have Bryers and Chapmans, except when I have moose tracks. The only company I know of that makes moose tracks is Kawartha. I also like chocolate, napoleon, and heavenly hash. I have a not so creative or not very original combination with chocolate ice cream - I take a banana and slice it into little circles and then sprinkle it on the ice cream. Simple, but delicious. Are there obscure flavours you would recommend?

I prefer soft serve ice cream over the kind you get in the store. I prefer it's texture and I think it tastes better in general. Ben and Jerry's is a pretty big brand, are there flavours you would recommend? I thought about trying it myself but it's really expensive. On top of that the stores in my area don't have much in way of selection, when they even choose to carry it.

How is bubble gum ice cream? Do you ingest the bubblegum like normal food or do you chew it like normal gum?

What do you think of Baskin Robins?

If you want to add something I haven't brought up feel free to do so, just try to stay on topic.
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BALLS! Chocolate salty ones. Kind of on topic.
Mackinac Island Fudge
Moose Tracks Ice Cream

OH, and whatever flavor this is.
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This stuff. I've never had anything better. Buuut it's pretty cold here atm, by SA standards (ie 10 degrees celcius), so I don't really want to think about ice cream :P
Some warm lasagna on the other hand...
I notice you are also from Canada. If you're in Ontario you might be able to get some Shaws ice cream. It's a local company near where I live. They make really good stuff.

They have this one raspberry ice cream that has big hunks of chocolate in it. LIke huge hunks. It's so good. The chocolate tastes like the stuff that is on top of a drumstick or in the bottom of the drumstick cone. But in huge hunks!

Bluejay, tinroof, pralines and cream and mint chocolate chip are probably my favorites.

Oh and there is a president's choice brand flavor you might be able to get in the grocery store called loads of chocolatey peanut butter treats that is amazing. It has chocolate and vanilla icecream in it, tonnes of reece like peanut butter cups, and other chocolate things. But the best part is the big ole' whaps of peanut butter running through it. Sooo goood.

I've tried bubblegum flavor, it's ok. , I don't remember what I did with the gum though , If I spit or swallowed. (yeah yeah yeah). lol I remember the gum not chewing the same though , since it had been frozen.

As for Ben and Jerry, I think the coffee flavor one is good.

DAmn, now I want ice cream too!
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My favorite is soft served. This may not count as ice cream but the ice custard at Rita's Water Ice is generally awesome. Also, Dairy Queen ice cream is also great.

As for brand's, I tend to prefer Breyers or Klondike sandwiches.
I'm not much of an ice cream guy, but I am partial to melon sorbet/sherbet, even though that technically may not necessarily qualify as ice cream.
pretty much all, but classic vanilla+chocolate will do just great ;)
By the way, be aware that your car may be allergic to vanilla ice cream.
Not quite ice cream but remember This Movie? :P
I love Ben & Jerrys Ice cream, it is pretty expensive but if your not too fussy about the flavour there's usually one on offer in the supermarkets here (£2 - £3 instead of £5), if not the whole range.

Any of the Brownie or Cookie Dough ones would be my recommendation (or Minter Wonderland if they're doing it, but they only usually do it at Christmas)

In general I love mint choc chip ice cream, but I'm fairly big on any flavour (bar the bitter chocolate you get with cheap chocolate ice cream).

Turkish Delight (rose) ice cream is gorgeous, but really difficult to find. When I have the time I sometimes make my own.
Sorbet fan mostly, Green tea and vodka is fab as a sorbet, goes really well with panna cotta.
Will hit a tub of Ben and Jerry's if feeling lazy...usually with pancakes tbh.
DampSquib: Green tea and vodka is fab as a sorbet,
Where were you when I was still drinking!? That no shit sounds really really really good.
I scream wars?

Well, my favourite ice cream flavour is After Eight. Second one is Fürst Pückler.
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