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My condolences to you and your family. What you wrote was beautiful. An amalgamation of past, present and future. It was so heartfelt I now need to cal both my grandmothers.
Best wishes in these troubled times.
My condolences. ._.
I know the feeling of losing a grandmother =/
Only time will help you heal that wound.
fortune_p_dawg: ah this forum does still have a soul! :-) thank you for your kind words everyone, i am utterly taxed, but will ultimately be fine I think.

Sure it does. It's dark and cold and rotten, but it's there.

Oh look, another Oblivion gate opened up! Kinda like life, ya know? Whenever you close one gate, another one opens up somewhere else.
You have my condolences.
I've never been close to my grandparents. Actually, they didn't even like me, at least since I became a teen. They've all passed away by now, and when they passed I couldn't feel any grief. That makes it hard for me to empathize with what you said about your relationship to your grandma. All I can do is express my condolences and hope you can drag yourself out of that dark valley as soon as possible. Gotta agree with vicklemos: You seem like a really nice fella and your posts usually cheer me up. Gonna light one up for you tonight, bro.
My condolences.
I at least wanted to see my grandmother from fathers side before she dies since i didn't have that oppurtunity with grandfather since they said everything was okay in the hospital he was turned off from the devices,but then he died because some artery or vein popped in his liver i think,he was 74 years old.Reason for his hospital visit was brain stroke.
Anyway about grandmother i was on a vacation from work back in 2008.My mother or father didn't even tell me she was in the hospital and i specificly asked if everything is okay with her, before we leave since i seen some lights blinking in my room at the city i worked(i was a little far away and needed to live there to work).She said no and i went with my mother on a vacation,then once suddenly she received a call and they said she died and we had to go home one day sooner then expected due to that from my vacation.I always visited grandma when i came back home and had at least 2 days off from work which was usually every 3 weeks or 4 weeks,sometimes even latter. She was in the hospital on the lungs section,though she reached a fine age of 86.

From my mothers side my grandparents are still alive.
fortune_p_dawg: endure, in enduring grow strong.
I'm sorry for your loss, and hope that you feel support from your family and close friends.

Though I have memories of my maternal grandparents, I wasn't very close to them and didn't really feel anything regarding their passings or burials, same with my father's brother who died a few years ago. My paternal grandparents passed around my own birth, so one of them I never met and the other I have no memories of. Every once in a while though, I get very worried and scared about how I will endure when either of my parents pass away, while there's hopefully still a lot of time left -they're between 55 and 60- I feel I will be very lost without having their support, even in twenty to thirty years time - I'm little over 30 now, and will be about their current age by then.
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I'm so sorry that you lost your grandma. I lost my grandpa last year, and you're right, nothing prepares you. One day at a time, fortune. Keep those you love close, and make sure they never forget how much you love them.
I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Your grandma sounds like she was an amazing lady, and it warms my heart to know that she graced this world and made it that much better :) Take her lessons to heart so that you will be an awesome grandpa when your kids have kids.

much love and oblivion is the bestest <3
Thank you for the story. Your memories with those you love are the most valuable thing one can have. And not all the copies of Freddi Fish 2 can replace them. ;)
I'm sorry for your loss. Your grandmother sounds like she was wonderful person. It's good you had such a positive influence in your life.