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tfishell: "Star Miner" is a lot like Asteroids except you collect material dropped by stationary asteroids (and sell it for upgrades, repairs etc.) and fight other ships. It's a simple game from 2003.

I *think* it's hard to find the full version of this game, so I'm sharing a link here. While doing some research recently I came across an old email from 2012 when I contacted Cliff Harris of Positech Games about his old game "Asteroid Miner" (or "Star Miner" as I played it in an eGames shareware disc). I re-contacted him, asking about getting the game on GOG, and ultimately he didn't seem that interested (and admittedly the game isn't high on the wishlist and isn't a particularly complex game so GOG might have rejected it). So I got permission to share the game; the zip file is the demo version with a registration key to make it the *full game*, and I included a dll to stop a crash and selected those standard compatibility fixes on the EXE.

It seems to run okay on my W7 machine but obviously I can't guarantee it for anyone else.

Woohoo!! Star miners my all-time favorite game. It’s very interesting and adventurous in every level. In every new level, there is a new mission that is difficult to complete, but still, I love challenges. Thinking to play the new level after Composing an essay
Playing games is the best time to pass.
Thanks a bunch for sharing these! Will download and play them, but mainly I help keep them safe from extinction :D