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my wife was all "u probably got a staph infection from sweaty gym equipment" and i'm all "yo man i wipe the machines down before i use them."

i'm fucking excited for stardew valley! eeeeeeeeeee!
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How can we get you to share what you're smoking? :S
see a doctor about it
Thank you for sharing that with us. It's important that we know.
yay, stardew valley excitement!
too lazy for capitals...
if you've been to the gym... there are sweat pimples you know. dirty pores are common.
Yeah, I was thinking about getting one on discount, but now that I read your bad review of it, I decided against it.
low rated
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MaximumBunny: How can we get you to share what you're smoking? :S
i would LOVE to burn with a gogger! alas, it is exclusively a weekends thing for me.

It's always so awesome when you drop in to illuminate us on some insignificant part of your life Mr. Dawg. :P

Really, I don't mind, it's vaguely entertaining.
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You`ve got a pimp in your butt? Man, that must hurt!!!
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Hell, I knew I was missing some knowledge in my life.
I have nothing to add here. :D
Didn't even stick around for the intensely interesting conversation about the pimple on his ass. How rude.
Take care not to accidentally pop it
tinyE: I have nothing to add here. :D
Calendar marked: 18 Feb 2016, tinyE left with no smartass comment. : )
that is awesome!