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DCT: No problem always happy to help. Hell I may do one of these kind of threads to drum up support to bring the rest of the Infocom catalogue here(though I haven't quite given up on getting the Sierra Discovery line here) since we already have the Zork trilogy plus Zork Zero, Beyond Zork, and Planetfall here so it would be nice to get the rest of their classics such as the Enchanter Trilogy, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Moonmist, Ballyhoo, Lurking Horror, Stationfall, A Mind Forever Voyaging, Cutthroats, Witness, Deadline, Shogun, ect.
tfishell: Not bad. Do you think those games would sell reasonably well at 5.99, or should GOG consider bundling some of them?
Given that all but maybe the last three or four of their games were Text adventures they would probably bundle them like they did for the Zork trilogy ,Beyond Zork, Zork Zero and Planetfall which were packaged together as the Zork Anthology
for 5.99

so they may bundle the rest of them like Activision did in theme sets like Infocom Mystery games(Moonmist, Suspect, Ballyho, Witness, Deadline, Sherlock: The riddle of the crown jewels), Sci-fi(A Mind Forever Voyaging, Suspended, Starcross, Stationfall, Trinity), Fantasy(Enchanter, Sorcerer, Spellbreaker, Wishbringer, ect.) and so on.

Edit: you ninja'd me on that. I actually still have the lost treasures of Infocom vol. 1 and 2 sets but there on floppy and have started to become corrupt.
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Again, I want to be careful when bumping this, but at the same time, there may be people that haven't seen this that want to chime in.

Also, here are some comments from the wishlist:

"One of my all time favorite kids games, I still talk about it with my friends. It's an absolute purchase if it makes it onto gog, that and I'll be pushing all my friends to get it too so they can experience the awesomeness!" - scarletomato

"I played this game as a kid, in elementary school; it would be great to be able to revisit this classic, and have it be compatible with Windows 7." - ayjanu

"My favorite in the Spy Fox trilogy and one of the best kids games that's still fun to play as an adult."
- Thunderforge

"I know it probably makes me a bad gamer, but this is my favorite point-and-click game of all time. I would love it if it came to GoG!" - Nintendodo

"YES! I swear to god, this was the only point n' click I ever had any sort of fun with :D" - ggf162

"I played this game so much as a kid, but I can't find the disk anymore. I would be great if this and the other Putt Putt games came to this website!" - hilp

"Add the Spy Fox series. or any Humongous Entertainment games." - Servbot24
I've only played No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside, but I liked what I played. and voted for all of the Pajama Sam titles before I even saw this thread. I'll go back and vote for the other games, too.
I'd love so much to at least see the Pajama Sam and Putt Putt games. I used to play these as a kid, and seeing LeCoffeBandit LP'em made me really want to be able to play them again.
Bump in case a fan happens to comment on a release thread and then sees this.


Side-thought: I'm thinking I'll re-submit a "request" for assistance to r/gaming and r/nostalgia, this time with an interesting image+text instead of just text; hopefully that will get people's attention.
Alright, so the initial response to this was very positive :), but seems to have dwindled. I'm still enthused about trying to reason GOG into acquiring at least the SCUMM titles, and hopefully getting Nimbus on here with the updates. However, I went kind of OCD over this for a few days; I think I will do the "side-thought" I mentioned above, but aside from that I need to take a break from worrying about this thread (so to speak). I'll try to remember to bump it occasionally.
This request has my full support. ;)

(I went over to the wishlist, but it turns out I already voted on most of these games.)
You've got my support for this.

I remember all those Humongous Entertainment titles as a kid and young teen, they were fun to play and were a nice change of pace. I remember the mini-game they featured in Freddie Fish 4 was a spinoff Asteroids game which was really cool and fun to play.

Also I loved the Backyard sports titles for what they were. Even though they aren't very difficult now that I'm older, they were really fun like Backyard Baseball and Backyard Football.

Heck with all the filler pinball and soccer games we have on GOG I see no reason for these Good Old Kids Games to not be on here either. They have a nostalgic value to them and are pretty decent games too. Plus anyone with kids of their own would love a way for future generations of gamers to play them too.
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Leroux: ...
thelovebat: ...
Thank you both. :)
Please friends, we CANNOT forget about Fatty Bears Birthday Surprise. It was one of my favorites!!:D:D
thelovebat: ...
tfishell: Thank you both. :)
You're welcome. :)

Btw I corrected my post, I incorrectly remembered which Freddie Fish game had that Asteroids type minigame. It was the 4th game not the 3rd, got those two mixed up. I played the 1st, 2nd, and 4th ones quite a bit, only played the 3rd one like one time.

"Hm, why not some kids-games too? I remember playing Pajama Sam as a kid. Probably the third adventure game I'd ever played, but it was the only one that was appropriate for my skill level. Stuff like that and Freddie Fish would be neat to see on here, it'd be a great idea to buy them for when you have to babysit that little sibling or cousin."
~ Kocel

"I definitely second this."
~ ggf162
Bob20021: Please friends, we CANNOT forget about Fatty Bears Birthday Surprise. It was one of my favorites!!:D:D
Sorry, I missed this initially. :) I haven't forgotten about that; it's actually on Abandonia. (I would prefer to see that bundled with another title, unless GOG happens to create new permanent price points below $6.)
I misunderstood GOG's attitude towards children's games. To quote the staffer I've talked with, "We are not opposed to having kids games as long we think that they're solid games and can appeal to a number of users. ... I know that there is interest in the Humongous games and we will try to look into it more."
My daughters are grown up now, but they enjoyed games produced by Humongous Software (Ron Gilbert) back in the late 1990s. These are adventure-lite games designed for kids, still look and feel relatively good, and can be played through scummvm. The series include Putt Putt, Fatty Bear (which my 5 year old loved at the time), Freddi Fish, Pajama Sam, and Spy Fox. The latter two are slightly more advanced than the earlier series. They all include a good deal of humor, and are designed to encourage exploration of the game world.
- gtrager

It's great to see a Humongous game released here on GOG. I hope more will come.
- Accatone

Heh, I loved Zoombinies when I was younger. Though I probably wouldn't personally buy them, I'd still like to have 'em here along with Humongous' games.
- Gazoinks

Hell yeah! The Humongous games, along with the Nancy Drew series, are probably what got me into gaming in the first place. When I eventually get around to doing Let's Plays, I was planning on playing these again and seeing how much I could remember from the dozens of times I played them
- TheJadedMieu

The Humongous titles were games that really affected me (and many others) as a kid and they were what got me into Adventure games in the first place
- Roman5

Get Capcom and Humongous and I will make love to you GoG.
- Urb4nZ0mb13

hell yeah! It would be awesome to play those cute old games again!
- Atropels


Does anyone still remember/care about this company? Their beginner's adventure games are the main reason that I got into PC gaming to begin with ... it would be great to see these games re-released on GOG with all the bells and whistles that come with it.
- pezhead53

Game reminds me vaguely of Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise. I would LOVE to have this game here. :D
- chautemoc

must admit I've never played Fatty Bear before, but I have played Putt Putt Travels though time, Pajama Sam: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening and Spy Fox 2: Some Assembly Required... ahh, don't you just love point and click?
*Votes for all franchises listed above*
- pow1149

Sierra Games
Freddy' Fish
Putt, Putt
I would love to have all theses games I bought for the kids years ago. They went nuts when the found Spy Fox and Pajama Sam on the WII and they are all twenty+ now.
- Lou

Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
Pajama Sam In: No Need To Hide When It's Dark Outside
(all the Putt-Putts)
- Zchinque

I had couple of games for really little kids that came bundled with one of my PCs... Freddy the Fish and Putt-putt the car or somesuch. I was WAYYY older than the target audience but I played the hell out of them. Despite being super-simple and cartoony and un-thought-provoking, they were genuinely enjoyable. The Freddy the Fish game in particular was interesting because pixel-hunting was usually humorously rewarded.
- bevinator

Now I remember another. Pajama Sam, it came in a cereal box. Cute, humorous little adventure game. I don't remember it very well, but I know I was too old for it and I couldn't stop telling my little brother how awesome it was.
- elus89

Humongous Entertainment adventures.
- asb

Excellent, I just vote that one up.
- RedRagan

I would absolutely buy something like Put-Put or Pajama Sam, especially if they came with the soundtracks (been putting together a Jeremy Soule playlist for when Guild Wars 2 releases).
- anubis462I

- Scani

GOG is nicely balanced. I am (really) waiting for more Humongous Games, since Moonbase Commander is available here!
- vicklemos

(vote up the Humongous games)
- Barry_Woodward

Hm, why not some kids-games too? I remember playing Pajama Sam as a kid. Probably the third adventure game I'd ever played, but it was the only one that was appropriate for my skill level. Stuff like that and Freddie Fish would be neat to see on here, it'd be a great idea to buy them for when you have to babysit that little sibling or cousin.
- Kocel

I definitely second this.
- ggf162

Pajama Sam and the Freddi Fish series
- radic20

Putt Putt goes to the moon (and other Putt Putt series), Castle/Isle of Dr. Brain, mixed up fairy tales, mother goose fairy tales
- SLP2000

I played all of those as a little kid!
- kelseyr713

i think we should have some more games for kids here. even if it's freddi fish or putt putt.
- lugum

So cute. I know my first video games were the old Putt Putt and Fatty Bear games, so I recommend those! :)
- SnakeEater42

Yeah, i would love to be able to get some of those games, MUCH better then modern young kid games...
- noname875

- Trangmar

I was initially excited about Telltale's catalog but I've only really enjoyed Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, mostly because it reminded me of the Adventure games I played when I was in my early childhood like Putt-Putt goes to the Moon or something like that.
- brendano

I played Putt Putt, Fatty Bear, etc..
Great games.
I'd support them going on
- prakaa

Fatty Bear is amazing and I'd love to play it again. :D (Vote for it!)
As stated, some games are still great these days. As long as at least some of us would still enjoy playing those games from our childhood, I see them as a valueable and unique addition.
- chautemoc

I would like to see more kids games available, I bought The Manhole and Beyond Good and Evil for my nieces and installed them only on their systems.
- Stuff

some of the old Homongous games (fatty bear, putt-putt) would be cool for a bit of nostalgia.
- colemancb