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MarkoH01: ...
MadalinStroe: Wow! Great investigative skills. I wish i could give you more than just one of these for your effort. +1
You're welcome - but it was nothing. There are several here in the forum who probably could have given you even more detailed information. To be honest: I was curious myself since, as you can see, I own the game on humble and going by things people say about humble, their games are supposed to receive even less updates. Obviously not the case here.
Post edited June 08, 2018 by MarkoH01
sorry for necroing the thread, i ended up here because a friend of mine asked me if i had the game because she wanted to play in multi with me...

i didnt even know the game was delisted, i completely understand why

still i'll repeat myself again like an old grumpy fellow, by saying that;

This kind of mess could have been avoided if devs, nowadays, were not that lazy or not unknowful enough so they could create a plain generic TCP/IP multiplayer mode (usable both for LAN et online).

It's not insanely advanced technology, every games i grew up with as a gamer past the mid 90ies could do that (homm 3, quakes, unreal tournaments, baldur's gate 1 and 2 and the other infinity engine AD&D licensed titles...)

Even these late years, there are still games that can offer that (Windward, for example)

So, gee, instead of relying on one API, then another... and with new actors on the market (like discord and twitchmazon having their own digital game stores, and client app, and so, their own drm... not even mentioning epic store... considering how many games, indies included, are powered bu UE3 and 4...)

I think now would be enough of a time to drop all this nonsense of dedicated third party API and get back to plain TCP/IP networking code again !