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DieRuhe: I hate to post something that sounds like an "entitlement" gripe, I really do, but it would be nice, when it comes to freebies, if GOG would simply provide the games to members without all the rigamarole.

I don't get as much time to be on here lately and I missed it, so that's a bummer, but really I'm just griping about the idea of "limited numbers" when it comes to digital, which to me just seems like an unnecessary fabrication.
FearfulSymmetry: But it would seem logical to me if it was not GOG dictating the number of copies available, but rather whoever owns Rise of the Triad. It would make sense for the owners of the game to limit the number of copies, because they'll never sell another copy of their game if there are enormous numbers of keys for it floating around already.
Ok, I didn't think of it that way. I was going to say "that makes more sense"... but then I think of the freebies in the past that seemed to have no "strings" other than for a limited time. Limited time makes sense to me. Limited copies? Not so much. But anyway, thanks; I can stop thinking about this now. :-)
I guess tons of games are buried in unused multi-accounts, because people thought they could snatch a bundle of gift/trade codes for free. GOG may have 30,000 unique visitors a day, but not within 2 hours on a not even properly announced giveaway.
opticq: As I mentioned in other post, GOG should have been a bit more careful because not everyone knows that quote is a meme.
I didn't know that quote was a meme. I have now exceeded my allotment of daytime TV for the next decade. :)