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Maighstir: Feel free to make one. Mr. T can complain if he thinks it's inappropriate (in which case I'll simply obey and disqualify your entry), until then though, go ahead.
Potzato: Mr T allowed me to mess with his 'representative icons'. I'll let him notify me if my artwork give him nightmares in which case I'll cast it off to oblivion (it's not definitive work, I am no Paint artist, the current colours are hard to arrange....)

Sidenote : everybody will have noticed the scottish inspiration ... or not :p
My first concept involved crossed pop-guns (AK style) and TeT guevara ..... but it was messy. I finally went for ninjutsu TeT. Don't ask where the TeT fixation comes from, I have no idea.
trevor.png (337 Kb)