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delboy2k10: I would recommend Collectorz Game Collector as a good database keeper

I don't work for them but I find there programs fantastic for books, movies and music and use the game version to keep track of titles and to keep track of how much I have paid over the years
Ralackk: I'll second Collectorz. I have slightly over 700 games across steam, gog and retail. If your not worried about future updates you can just pay the once to get access to it. It has some nice functionality with being able to search for games and have alot of the information downloaded and added automatically including a cover picture (box art or otherwise). You're also able to edit your entries and they have fairly recently added a bunch of user text fields.

It also allow some customer filters, which i've now setup to show my gog and steam librarys seperatly at the click of a button. There is a 50 game limited trial if it sounds like something you might be intrested in.
Just brilliant programs - so much better than spread sheets. Glad you get use from yours. I don't think I could go back to old methods
Just make sure any website or program you use allows a standard file format backup. You'd hate to lose all your database if company x goes out of business or decided to start charging or whatever.