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Just curious :) At the moment I go through about 500mb daily
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Matewis: Just curious :) At the moment I go through about 500mb daily
Depends on the torrents.
around 2 GBs
Matewis: Just curious :) At the moment I go through about 500mb daily
How does one know?
Something like ~9.0GiB of download and ~9.8GiB of upload daily.
Of which ~94,6% is done through IPv4 and ~5.4% through IPv6.
(based on August 2015)

I use vnstat for my bandwidth statistics.
probably 10's if not 100's of gigs... streaming Netflix / Twitch / Youtube in 1080P HD / Steam / data downloads

Gotta love 100/40 unlimited quota (which is still shitty compared to some of the places I've lived in Asia...)

Never really monitored it... since I haven't needed to... would be interesting... and probably pretty sad :P
500 MB - 1 GB
Mostly I used from 500mb to a couple gigabytes. Except for days when I download a bunch of games then it's higher.

It's easy to use a lot of data these days just from surfing the web itself.
No idea, it's not like I bother to measure how heavily used my 100/100 fibre connection at home is, or how much I use at work. As for my cellphone though, my data plan allows for 5 GB per month though I usually hit about 500 MB.
I don't know how much I use on my PC, I never cared.
Mobile Phone is easy, it's 0MB bcause I don't have a smartphone.
Unsure, depends if I accidentally leave my PS4 on rest mode instead of actually shutting it down. :P It seems to like to initiate downloads while in rest mode, and my download list is usually pretty large... ( I think I downloaded 9Gb's last night. whoops. Thankfully it is unlimited Internet. )

Or when there is a GOG sale or a new release I like, it tends to go up :P
vv221: I use vnstat for my bandwidth statistics.
Oh hey, that could be useful. Thanks for the link.
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Conservative estimate: I'm using several streaming services for most TV series and movies and watch a lot of original online content, so that alone accounts for probably 2-3 GB per day on average. Add music streaming, browsing the web and occasional game downloads and I'll probably average 3-4 GB per day.

My connection has no cap so I never bothered to find out exactly...
tens of gigs at best, depends a lot really. I'd figure roughly 1-2 gig on average, a lot more if I start a serious binge watch of some TV series.
most of the time it's just YouTube video amounts, and surfing. So sweet shit all.

I did, however use as much as my speed allowed, which was 500kb/s, over 24 hours when I was re-downloading some of my AAA titles. Stuff like AC Unity, Evolve. All up I used over 200GB within a week.... Ended up deleting the games soon after, again haha!
Hmmm... using just the internet for forums and stuff, we're talking 60Mb or so... However when downloading games (torrents) and other stuff... probably 2Gig a day...