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I play games from 1993 I started with console games my first console was a Atari 2600.
from 1994 or so
i was 6 when i got my first console ( game boy and anes and then a megadrive )
so about 21 years now then
I got my first Atari 2600 in 1986 and played games before at friends places. So i'm playing games since ~30 years.
from 1985, I was 2 years old, my first game I remember was Galaxian on ZX Spectrum - it blown my mind ;))
My first computer game was a nintendo 'game & watch' game. That must've been around 1983.
19 and counting . Started at 5 .
30 plus years. Started on Atari/Commodore 64. Not sure which one I was subjected to first.

Didn't really consider myself a gamer until I played Riven on an MMX processor. (But that is a weird remembering because I spent an awful lot of time on the Nintendo before that). I guess Riven is what started the obsession ;)
I think about 18 years now. Mostly PC games, but my first console was the NES.
Around 26 years
Started playing at 11. Its been 7 years now.........
I started on Christmas 1990 with Alex Kidd in Miracle World and Ghostbusters on the Master System.
Since 1996 (Duke Nukem 3D).
I couldn't give you a specific year but it was ZX Spectrum in the late 80's.
Round about 28 years, I'd say. I think I got my C64 around 1987.
Dont remember my age but I think I was 7 or 8 and it was the original Nintendo, Im 29 now