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Deja vu topic? Nevermind.... Started sometime in 80s with an Atari console (2600? can't remember, too young at that time) and Pac-Man. Since then, never stopped playing! Sometime in '99 I saw the light (aka PC gaming), although I played my first PC game much earlier at my cousin's PC. It was Prince of Persia.

Consoles owned: The above^ Atari, Master System, Mega Drive, Game Gear, Playstation (3 of them), Playstation 2, Dreamcast, XBOX, PSP. Still have the PSP, I bought it 5 years ago, mainly to play PSX titles (and some PSP titles as well, like Patapon, Echocrome, Daxter and some others..) and run some emulators (MAME, SNES).
Since 1991. Atari 2600 and some smallish games on PC. And then came 1996 and Quake. :)
I bet I spent more than one full year of my life on gaming (hours). Maybe more.
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For 30 years or so...
I got an Atari 2600 for my 11th birthday in '81. Although I'm sure I played the Space Invaders
arcade machine before that (probably at the grocery store while my mom was at the checkstand.)
Around 35 years...  It all started with an Atari 2600, then a Vic-20, a Commodore 64, and a bunch of PC's...