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Which one is the shittiest company?
I don't have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime or know anything about those other phones, but I do have a Samsung Galaxy S4. It works fine and the battery lasts (when the phone isn't hot and I'm not playing games). After falling (the back cover is very slippery) on the concrete from just under 5', it now has a dent on the front of the bottom left corner that caused multiple congested cracks in that area. These are tolerable and don't interfere with my reading or gaming, but a single crack stretches all the way to the upper right corner of the screen and passes straight through the middle of the front camera. Now any photos I take with it have a serious lighting problem. Imagine a lens flare mixed with a bloom effect that takes over part of the screen... or just play Alpha Prime and pass by a light source.

If the Core Prime is an upgraded version of the S4, then what I'm saying is it's probably a nice phone with many features you may or may not ever need.
realkman666: Which one is the shittiest company?
realkman666: Which one is the shittiest company?
sasuke12: Blackberry
"The ones in my price range are these (price in ascending order):
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
Sony Xperia M2
Sony Xperia E3
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
HTC Desire 610
HTC Desire 620 "

Which model do they make?
The samsung galaxy line up are pretty solid and have served me well.
realkman666: Which model do they make?
Well, admittedly there may have been a Blackberry in my price range as well but I didn't even look them up since it's totally not what I want.
Awesome song but I prefer this video.

Btw, as it turns out one of my colleagues knows stuff and actually used to repair smartphones profesionally for a year or two. To him it was a tie between an LG (which I had not noticed was also available in my price range) and the HTC Desire 620 and I ended up picking the latter for a larger screen with a higher resolution (despite an identical overall size). My operator called earlier today and I already ordered the Desire 620. Anyway, thanks for the replies.
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