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Wasteland 2 would be nice. Thank you.

My favorite thing would be seeing all the trouble people go through to set the right mood to the season. Being things playing on TV, the (some times fancy) decoration, and the kids running around.
We don't celebrate Halloween much over here, but it is starting to gain traction in the decoration we some times see.
Necross: I've got two games do give out: Wasteland 2 (gog) and Chaos Reborn (Steam)

The rules are simple:

You can only enter for one game
The game must be for you
You must be an active member of the gog forums with at least one post in the last 6 months in a non giveaway topic.
You must talk about your favorite thing about this time of year in your "I'm in" post

The winner will be chosen at random in one week (October 12th)
I am in for Wasteland 2, and my favorite thing about this time of the year is the rain in my region. It comes as a break of the dry weather. Good to see the rivers and crops getting a little bit more of water.
Im in for Wasteland 2

My favorite part is the rain or the least the part when i get to be in my bed and lsiten to the rain.

Thanks for this amazing giveaway & +1
Not in.

But my favorite part of this season is the sweatshirt weather. 48 degrees (Fahrenheit) as a high today!
Wasteland 2

Like others have said, the weather, that smell in the air, insects disappears, leaves fall away, building a fire, etc. But mostly for me I usually start playing horror games and watch horror movies. Monster House is kind of a tradition for my family. My personal favorite is The Grudge, though. The wife and I are watching The Exorcist on Fox. I wish they didn't cancel that Constantine show. It was just getting good too. The cartoon looks okay, but it's not the same.
I'd also like to be in for Wasteland 2.

And like many others, my favourite thing of this time of the year is the cooling weather. I've always been one to prefer the cold to the heat, and this time of the year here, the weather is just perfect.
I am in for wasteland 2 and thank you for the giveaway. I like fall walks in the woods>
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Not in.

Thanks for the nice giveaway!

The best thing for this time of year is definitely the feeling, when you realize it's Sunday, you don't need to go to work and you can spend a whole day with coffee and book. The worse the weather outside - the happier you are inside ;)
I'm in for Wasteland 2 and thank you for this nice giveaway.

I like the tranquility that October brings - less people spending time outside due to colder temperatures or rains. I enjoy the rainy nights listening to the water's sounds while watching a good movie. Also October is the month I joined GOG. :)
low rated
I'm in for Chaos Reborn.

I like october because of the sweet chestnuts :D
I'm in for Chaos Reborn.

My favorite things about this time of year are the weather and Halloween.
It is so rainy, foggy and cold so I have a perfect excuse to stay inside and play games.
And Halloween is my favourite holiday because people always say nice things to me, they always give me a compliment about my dress and how I look like. On Other days they are just scared of me.
Btw I don't celebrate Halloween, I never dress up.... I always look like and wear the same clothes than on regular days.

Thanks for the giveaway!
enrollment closes in 3 hours

If anyone is curious about these codes, I got them from backing Wasteland 3 and Phoenix Point on fig. And as I already own these games, I kind of forgot I had them, until I did some tidying of my inbox
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Wasteland 2

I like the holiday we have down here in Brazil.

Thanks for the opportunity, Neocross.
high rated
enrollment closed

selection shall be made shortly...

the winners are:

Wasteland 2- babark

Chaos Reborn: bela555

Congratulations to our winners!
I'll be sending the codes in the next couple of hours, they just need to except my friend request so I can pm them, due to privacy settings.
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thank you!