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Heads-up card-slingers, weather forecast report for today reads: rainy with a chance of fireballs.

Which is to say a new update for <span class="bold">GWENT: The Witcher Card Game</span> has now been made available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 and it brings some Weather changes.

With this update, the main focus is to improve balance, solve some of the major issues that were affecting gameplay and adjust the prices for milling common and rare cards. Additionally, some cards will be subject to a limited-time refund in the form of an increase in the amount of Scraps awarded for milling them (note, however, that milling the Premium versions of these cards will not award Meteorite Powder):

•Clan Brokvar Hunter
•Vicovaro Novice
•Imperial Golem
•Commando Neophyte
•Vicovaro Medic
•Tibor Eggebracht
•Fire Elemental
•Dol Blathanna Protector
•Mahakam Guard
•Peter Saar Gwynleve
•Barclay Els
•Ragh Nar Roog
•Savage Bear
•Impera Enforcers
•Reaver Hunter
•Celaeno Harpy

Check out the full list of changes <span class="bold">here</span>.
Teratosos: It seens the Scoiat'el deck wasn't underpowered enough, so you deicided to nerf it even more...
And that balancing is not a priority!!!
The deck is now almost unplayable in high ranked matches, bordering frustration...that wil, not only, drive players to stop playing or (those who can) migrate to other decks, but also make players avoid it from the begining, the result is that we'll see less and less (of the already rare) Soiat'el decks around.
Elvenwyn: I know right? I use the Scoia'tael deck all the time and it's just gotten weaker. In the closed beta it at least had cards that made up for the weaker parts of the deck.
Speaking as someone who used to win a lot of games with the "Dwarves" deck, those dwarves sure got nerfed. But Scoiat'el still has some powerful tricks. But you gotta bet on the elves and Special cards now.
S-aint: The only regret I hold in my 23 year old life is milling my whole collection(newbie player) to craft a skellige deck 3,8 k scrap. How can I make things right without selling my kidney for kegs?
mrkarma4ya: Make a new account maybe?
grind with your skellige deck
ios and android app maybe would be better ?