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<span class="bold">GWENT: The Witcher Card Game</span> just got another major update that's all about positioning: Positioning the cards inside the battlefield and positioning GWENT in the place it needs to be for its journey forward. Here's what CD PROJEKT RED have to say about both the recently implemented and upcoming changes:

Hey there!

It’s been a busy time for GWENT, with our visit to PAX East and the announcement of GWENT Challenger — an official The Witcher Card Game tournament. And it actually gets busier from here on out. We’ve just released a new update for the game and we’re here to tell you more about the features it introduces, how they lay the foundations for what we have in store for you in the future, and what that’s going to be.


One of the major features of the latest update is Unit Positioning. You can now choose where you want to place cards on the row — this change factors heavily into how abilities interact with units on the board.

Take a look.

Up to this point, there haven’t been many ways to let your opponent know what you’re thinking. This changes with Taunts, short phrases that allow players to communicate by clicking on their avatar.

Take a look.

The board now features a Move History. It lets you review which cards have been played over the course of the match, which can come in handy when you’re looking to outplay your opponent. Like they say, knowledge is power.

Take a look.

Speaking of the board, we’ve given it a general facelift to make it more legible and accessible, letting you see more even when you’re in the heat of battle.

Take a look.

The latest update also introduces changes to cards and tweaks improving the balance and overall experience. There’s actually a lot of those. You can check them all out in the <span class="bold">full changelog</span>.


The updated board and visual tweaks introduced in the Positioning Update are the first step of a visual overhaul coming to GWENT. This isn’t going to happen overnight, but rather over the course of the next several major updates. To give you a sense of what to expect, we’re talking new targeting indicators and card highlights, card movement animations and shadows, and unique effects for abilities.

We’ve got more premium animated versions of cards in the works, with the plan being for every card in the game to have its own animated variant. We’ll definitely be hiding some easter eggs in there, so make sure to be on the lookout for these once they’re in the game.

We are also committed to adding more cards to GWENT in general in the not-too-distant future. And with all these new cards set to arrive, as well as other upcoming changes, starter decks will be getting a refresh, too.

Card abilities and descriptions will be getting a revamp as well, so that they’re more intuitive. A big part of this will be standardizing how certain cards work and behave after being played, resulting in simpler and more reliable ability priorities.

Using this chance, we’d like to thank you for the amazing support you’re giving GWENT. You comments and suggestions are a tremendous help in shaping the game and making it a better experience.

The GWENT Team
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Steamuser: How does the Nilfgaard spying work. Are the cards they choose to look at a one for one representation as when looking across the board or is it randomized . i asked this because I see no way to sort your cards yourself. Once you learn how your hand is sorted you can cherry pick cards.
It's randomized.
Thing that annoyed me the most in this update: Triss (or similar) not being able to reduce golden units any more.
The rest of the ballancing is quite good and I love the taunts :)
Oh my god, the game constantly crashes and crashes. What terrible update you made, CD Project. Shame on you.

Approximately until december 2016 I could be considered a beta-tester. The game was starting normaly, I could be paired without any problems, I could play as many games as I pleased, everything was nice & fine, I had several constructive discussions with CDP, etc etc etc

Since December 2016 till January 2017 I could be considered a looser simulator for the opponents. It seemed as if they would exactly know my faction, deck, cards and strategy that I will use and were able - literally - to counter any move I made. Fine, no protests, I still could be called a beta tester.

Since January 2017 till yesterday I should be called a que simulator. All I could do is to watch the fancy circle turning and turning as I was waiting to be paired with someone, having played very few games during all that time. Fuck all the excuses of nobody at my rank played at a time. There are in avarage number about 5000 people in the leaderboard above me. Now, where have they all gone? Some special gwent conference on the Mars that I was not invited to? Fine, so up to yesterday morning I was a que simulator.

Now, what should I be called since this illustrious and oh so good sugarcoated another shite update. The game crushes as soon as I started in 90 %, and in the remaining 10 % it crashes in the Welcome screen. So what should I call myself. Not even a tester. Crashes observer? Crash-reports-that-no-one-reads-submitter? An idiot who still believes in this game and hopes that one day something good will come out of it? Or WTF...
Weather Cards seem lackluster right now

Why is the abilty to buff units while standing in a blizzard, fog or rain a thing? You have Clear sky's, that clears the entire board. And other cards to clear rows. Buffing in bad weather besides immune buffing just seems wrong. You don't even have to plan for it, or really think. Many don't even skip a beat. You clear the weather, you get your points back. My 2 cents


Or have the health tick down of any unit per turn sitting in the hostile conditions. And the health loss is permenant in this case.
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HappyLima: Oh my god, the game constantly crashes and crashes. What terrible update you made, CD Project. Shame on you.
They made a crash date, not an update :D
CRASH AFTER CRASH....about to be done with this game
Inumerous crashes here after last update. Please, fix this.

But the gameplay is better. When i can play.
I cant even update the game; when the update starts, it shows " Gwent update postponed (the game is running)" but the game is closed.
Andryx95: I cant even update the game; when the update starts, it shows " Gwent update postponed (the game is running)" but the game is closed.
I have exactly the same problem. How to fix this?

Folks, if you've got the problems with the crashes when starting or few seconds after or as soon as you're in the Welcome Screen, make a clean reinstall of the game. I did this too, it did not help at all, but then I was adviced to:

- after a clean install of the game run your GOG client as administrator (set to run it as administrator even if you are already an administrator of your PC)
- set the gwent to run as administrator

Might help. It helped me at least...


Actualy it does not help that much. The situation is worse day by day, crashes crashes and crashes, appearing even during pairing or when loading the match at that... Doesn't matter how many times you will reinstall...
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After being severely disappointed with GOG's last update - and stopped playing for at least a month - I decided to give it a go after this last patch.

Didn't experience any crashes. Northern Realms (my favourite) is slightly better (slightly). But it's still shit.
It seems that monster consuming deck has been nerfed (fortyunately) but Nilfgard is too strong. Spy units can (in 3 or 4 turns) create a couple of 20+ enemies.

Come on, CDP... You can do better.

Anyone has any idea when the big Reset will take place?
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I cant update this :3
Vargrids: I cant update this :3
You can't update the game through Galaxy?