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Here's my custom DOSBox R12 in advance of tomorrows Grid Cartographer 4 release.

You'll need this to use Game Link 2.0:

It's designed as a drop-in replacement for existing DOSBox installs. It's just regular old DOSBox at heart but you can run it in game link mode if you like. Do this either by using the special dedicated 'dosbox_gamelink' executable, or by changing your config file to output=gamelink, or use -gamelink on the command line.

Also if you've used previous versions that used the older network based system for tracking - you no longer need to dick around adding [netpeek] gibberish to your dosbox.conf - all that stuff works automatically now and you can remove it. (Although, it's still possible to track the player over a network as you could in v3, in which case it works the same and you still need the [netpeek] config lines.)
here's the new thread: