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not in, but +1 for offering up great games I never finished!
Count me In. Thanks or the generosity and good luck to all.
I'm in.
I'm in.

Thanks for GA.
Count me in! :D
Post edited August 22, 2017 by Rancid5
Actually, count me out
I'm in

I'm in.

Thank you for the opportunity :)

I am in :)
I'm in!
Not in. But thanks for the great giveaway!
+1 for the giveaway, I'm in!
Thanks, I'm in.
Very generous of you. +1 I'm in but only for Gothic 3. The other 2 games, I will give away if I win.
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Not in.

Just here to say thank you for nice giveaway! It's definitely one of the most interesting crpgs ever made. Its atmosphere is unique.

I hope participating in the giveaway will not prevent anybody from buying the series from the current promo.