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The mechanism is now in motion.

With the release of Scorn on GOG, we've prepared a special contest to celebrate the core of this atmospheric first-person horror adventure game and give you a chance to win a limited-edition Xbox controller, The Art of Scorn and one of five keys for Scorn on GOG!

And what is it that you must do in order to have a chance of winning? It's quite simple but hopefully also a little frightening:

Tell us the story of your most puzzling and scary nightmare. We’ll be waiting.

You can enter the contest until October 23rd, 10 PM UTC.
Full rules are available here.

And if you don't remember any of your nightmares, now is the best time to give yourself some new ones. Both Scorn and Scorn - Deluxe Edition are available on GOG with 10% discount that lasts until November 1st, 2 PM UTC.
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The dream started out great; I discovered that I could fly! Only I wasn't very good at it, and had trouble steering and even staying aloft was very difficult. I was bumbling along, trying to figure this out, when a very large ogre, who could also fly, appeared before me and was chasing me through the sky.

I panicked and lost altitude and he caught me very quickly.

He then somehow got behind me and punched his claw through the skin on my lower back, wrapped his fist around my spine, and began shaking me violently up and down. My back was screaming in agony, and so was I.

I woke up screaming in fact, and my back was hurting for real, spasming and everything.

I never did figure out if the dream caused the back pain, or if the back pain caused the dream. Either way, I stayed awake the rest of the night.
This one is quite hard for me .. as I usually don’t remember my dreams. I had many of those that I woke up and I was like - wow, God thanks it was only a dream. As I had some weird thing going on, somebody died, something ended etc.. Those all were twisted, sometimes scary, sometimes painful - I wish they were not there.

You asked about the most scary and puzzling nightmare - I had one that puzzled me a lot and it was sort of the nightmare.

I was in Junior High aka middle school. My grandfather was sick and he passed away. I was quite close with him and his death was painful for me.

It was a few months after his death. I had this weird nightmare about school, friends, life - a series of unrelated events that people have when they dream.

Then I was around the playing field. Kids were playing with a ball, I was there passing by just thinking about something, watching green grass - I remember it was super green.

I turned to the right (or was it left?) and I saw the cemetery chapel - I was a bit confused. Then I saw him. My grandfather was standing there, like he was, but dead. The same image of him I had in front of my eyes just before the funeral. His skin was yellow, came out of the coffin. He was standing there but not like some zombie. He was just himself, his eyes lost their sparkle and were looking at me.

Not even one word came from his mouth. He was just looking at me. I felt both scared and in pain at the same time. As I think I was aware he was no longer with us but as it was a dream some I was not fully aware of current reality. After a few seconds, maybe a minute - I woke up.

I got up from bed to eat breakfast and prepare for school. I saw my mom and I told her that I have a weird dream. She said she had too. She had a dream that she was talking with her parents (both my grandmother and grandfather were dead). Just before she woke up - her father told her, he needs to visit somebody…

At that moment I felt weird and scared. I trusted my grandfather didn’t want anything bad but what was the message? I was confused. Why didn’t he say a word? It’s been more than 15 years and I still wonder - what the message was.

Maybe it was just finally goodbye and he too felt this sadness that was in my heart.
I remember a nightmare from some years back... I was a lab assistant in an underwater nazi base. I don't remember what I was doing but at some point I was walking in the hallways and looked through an open door to see Hitler sitting and facing a doctor who was injecting him with something. I think some days passed when I woke up to an alarm sound and flashing warning lights and water on the floor. Scrambling in the hallways, I ran into what was a huge, mutated raging version of Hitler who started chasing me through hallways that seemed to shrink and change to more resemble a submarine. Bulkheads failing, water spraying in and sparks flying... I reached an airlock and shut the door and swam up.

The next thing I remember I was an old lady in a small boat recounting the tale to a research team who were diving in to study the facility. Their cameras showed the flooded facility, and the drowned mutant Hitler. Then I guess I woke up.
A true and awful one:

...With the tongue I can feel my teeth wobbling in the gums, so I squeeze my jaws to prevent the teeth from falling out.
Strangely, the pressure of my jaws does not stop, the involuntary clench becomes so huge that my teeth start gritting and gnashing against each other, and then they begin to crackle, crack and burst apart!

I panic and try to pry the clenched jaws open with my both hands.
Yet when I touch the broken teeth, my fingers get cut against serrated edges of the triangular, razor-sharp teeth in my mouth. They have become like those of a shark, mowing incessantly and snapping off pieces of my trembling fingers.
With shock and dread I stare down at my knuckles being crushed and crunched!

Horrified, I tear my mangled hands away from my now gaping mouth and suddenly I can feel that my throat fills up with long fingernails of the dead.
I spit and splutter - black slivers of mouldy bones burst out from my mouth!
Choking and gagging, I thrash about uncontrollably. I can't breathe...!

Then I wake up with a start, half-gasping, half-moaning.
I sit up and gaze blankly at the darkness, not daring to reach up and touch my face to check if I still have my own mouth and teeth and whether I still have hands, or just palms with bloody stumps of gnawed-off fingers and throbbing with pain...
Mine was on this desolate planet, all cracked earth and pools of black oil and these large obelisks the only thing breaking the view. It started out I was with a bunch of other kind of people that I could vaguely tell there was something wrong with, like they had Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

We started out walking toward the large obelisks and our task was to take them down, there were other deformed people protecting them but they were easily killed. We kept moving on, destroying them, and as we did there would eventually be this vlog video superimposed on the world, like it would just appear in the sky above us or replace the ground below us. It was of this girl that looked like she was doing one of those videos for likes on Facebook, and she would just talk about things I couldn't remember. Every once in a while there would be a flash and her normal self would turn into this horrid version where black oil was pouring from every orifice and coagulated spikes of oil were breaking through her skin. She would be screaming this horrible screech that sounded like a whole planet was screaming.

As we got closer and closer to our destination the flashes of her screaming would be more and more frequent. Eventually we reached this large raised platform and she was screaming nonstop. Eventually we killed all of them and I came up to this table with three tablets and three sockets. A king appeared and told me I was a hero and that I needed to put the tablets in and it would all be complete.

I asked him why we were here and there a little boy that told me "I'M THE DEVIL" in a deep voice as if I had asked him who he was. For some reason I realized that I had done something extremely horrible like an atrocity and I smashed the tablets and killed myself.

Another one:

I was traveling down an old, destroyed road with my mother or another family member. It was kind of post apocalyptic and I could hear screams and devastation happening all around me, but my mom wouldn't let me look around.

Every few minutes at an interval, something horrid was happening where the sky turned to blood and a voice would screech something out as if a demon were speaking it, and any child who heard the words would lie down and die.

My mom would yank me to her and cover my ears whenever it started, sobbing and holding me close until it passed before continuing on down the road to some ruined house that I suppose was our destination. I had this dream often but every time, I saw something else happen.

Once, I was able to look down at the road as my mom carried me and I saw a little girl lying by a fence post with blood coming out of every one of the orifices on her face while her mother rocked back and fourth over her, wailing.

We made it to the house once and my family was there, holding me close while we hid away from a window.
Some time ago I have a series of recurring dreams, continued every night for about 2 weeks, I decided to put a notebook on my night table and every time I woke up after a nightmare, took some notes. The following story is based on those dreams and the notes I made:

[i]I wake up in my room completely surrounded by darkness, look at the windows seeking the shards of light that use to come from the street lights but I can't see anything. Extended my arm trying to reach the light switch when accidentally touch something viscous moving on the wall, frightened, bewildered yet with my senses sharped by the adrenaline of the recent scare, I stood tense in my bed waiting for the day. Can't remember how many time it passed until the first light of the morning appeared on my window allowed me to see the horror that that cover the room, millions of spiders crawling through the ceiling and walls. My efforts to scape where worthless, those bastards started to fall over me and quickly cover my body, while I choked to death with the arachnids in my mouth.

Ran out the bedroom shaking and spiting the last spiders, my chest hurt and my throat burn, the bitter and repulsive taste in my mount make my beg for some water. After a moment I realized the situation, I was on my apartment but for some reason was completed dirty, cover by dust and the same brown slime that cover the walls on my room, seemed completely abandoned, the taps were rust and couldn't find no water. Still partially on darkness, a shadow on the corner noticed me, the glowing eyes of the creature penetrated into my soul, just stood up there for a moment, while I was paralyzed by fear, the creature cried out so loud that chill me to the bones and rammed towards me. Run to the balcony trying to escape just to found out that was at the edge of an enormous crater where supposed to be the street, the creature reach me and we fall out to the emptiness of the hole.

I'm on my apartment, as filthy as it was before, some sand enter through the balcony door, so go outside to the place I spent so much time in another time or another place. The balcony was completely destroyed, take a moment to contemplate the desolated landscape, it was a wasteland, a complete desert full of abandon or destroyed skyscrapers connected by an intricate system of improvised bridges, this scenario extended as far as the eye could see and probably much beyond that, the sand cover almost the half of the buildings, and everything was separated by the black abyss that swallow the streets.

The bridge of my balcony connected to the nearest apartment building, tired of wait and looking for a colder place to stay away of the scorching sun and maybe to find some resources. The time wasn't kind with the bridge, was on terrible condition but it manage to support my weight, but on more of one occasion I thought it was falling apart.
When finally arrived, the place was on even worse condition than my place, walked the corridors and look en every apartment looking for something or somebody, just to find more dirt. Was on the lower levels when the floor collapsed and fall into a blood pool, full of what it seems once where the neighbors of that place, scared and repulsed started to scream in panic and from the shadows of that blood nest more of the creature I saw before started to emerge, the deformed necrotic faces cover by spiderwebs, illuminated by the hole in the ceiling hunted my in my last moments with a howl that chills me to my spine, before a claw grab me from below.

Woke up bed again, walk out outside, decided once more to explore now being more careful. Spend what it seems like several days or weeks, traveling from building to building, bridge through bridge, walk through many places, some destroyed, some abandon, other under construction and relative new, but with the same forgotten look as the other... looking for somebody, did even know who, just knew that I have to found someone. After some time my body started to feel tired was on the limit, backed into a corner I started to fall asleep, in a brief moment between wakefulness and sleep, noticed some pus-filled hives in my arms, it hitch and hurt like hell, under desperation I scratch my arms and from the wounds some small spiders sprouted from the wounds.
The last time I remember, I wake up once more on my bed, but this time felt different, walk out off the room and go the balcony, it was a full moon night. It was cold, almost freezing outside, and I just stood there searching on the distance until I noticed a light not so far. Without a clear objective in my mind I go to there and quickly reach the place, it was a bonfire and with four or five people gather around. The oldest was the only one who noticed my presence, making space besides him. I sit there looking at the man at my side, with his worn and filthy cloth, a scarred face and the bagged eyes who has clearly see a lot of this world. "What are we doing here?" I asked, "You shouldn't sleep" he replied, "they always come when you sleep", suddenly the night was interrupted by a piercing howl that made my blood run cold...[/i]
Years ago when i was maybe 8 or so i must have watched one of the terminator movies before bed a night and it bled into my dream. It started out with me and a person i didnt know walking down the street that i grew up on. I don't remember where we were going but out of the blue between 2 houses we heard someone yelling and firing a gun in our direction. Not knowing what was going on we ran to one of my old neighbors houses and realized their basement door was unlocked so we snuck inside and hid behind some exercise equipment and waited silently. We heard the door open and a person walk slowly down the steps and start looking around other areas of the basement. We finally saw who this person was from our hiding spot, it was Arnold Schwarzeneggers terminator character from the movie. We had to make a run for it so we bolted up the steps and heard a shot or 2 ring out behind us as we ran. We headed to the back of the house and into the big garage on the proprty that had a workshop inside. Same thing again, we hid behind a workbench this time and watched as the terminator opened the door with his shotgun and started looking around the workshop. He didnt seem to notice us this time and he turned and started heading for the door. He stopped just outside the door and turned around, looking right at our hiding spot, and reached his hand back in to press what looked like a garage door opener button beside the doorframe. When he did though instead of the garage door opening the entire floor fell out from under both of us and we began falling what seemed like miles towards a river of fluorescent green what i assume to be acid. Either on the way down or when i would have hit the river of acid in my dream was when i woke up covered in sweat and screaming. Thankfully i've never had any crazy dreams quite like that since lol.
I was dreaming, yet I felt not at rest, not at peace. I heard clocks in my bedroom ticking, each slightly off from each other, some strokes louder than others - a quiet but constant rhythm, not quite in sync. It seemed I was lying in bed, feeling the fabric of the bed cover on my back, but soon the sensation became itchy, prickly and irritating, ever more so, like tiny needles... I sat up and threw off the blanket, casting sleepy eyes at the bed cover, and indeed the hairs of the bed cover seemed higher, stiffer - and rising. Rising, with each tick of the clocks! It was as if the bed was becoming a bed of needles. Worse, soon I realized the rising blades were not still but moving, waving - bending. They were not needles after all, but legs and mandibles of thousands of insects reaching and stabbing through the bed cover towards me. In fright I rose up on the bed, hoping to smother the insects with something- but I could not trust anything, for I was certain that if I were to reach into the softness of the pillow of the blanket, I would find only a nest of more crawling creatures inside waiting for the press of my hand. I felt as if I had to be still, avoiding detection, touching only what was solid and flat - and I backed towards the walls. But then - I saw the shadows all over the walls of the bedroom, sure now that they were not shadows of coat racks or bookcases, but moving shadows of insects far larger, perhaps the queens who had laid their nests in my bed. And they were coming for their brood, coming for me. And the ticking I had heard was not of clocks, it was the creaking of spindly legs moving close - constantly closer. Time was running out, and they, THEY, were running now towards me. And there the dreams ends, consumed in encroaching darkness as the ticking grows ever faster... faster... faster.
I forget more of my dreams but I remember this nightmare in particular. I was running through a lush jungle being chased by an enournous snake until I jump from a cliff. Somehow I manage to survirve to the fall and I wasn't being chased anymore. I saw a path through the jungle, so I followed it, saw some increadible beautiful trees and plants, some flowers as big as the trees and many parrots crossed the sky with their colorful feathers some big as a car, everything was big and made me feel so small.
The path guided me to a cave, this was cover by some fluorescent fungus so was clear as a full moon night full of stars, I was amazed by the view, even the insects glowed on that place. Continue though the road until I came across a lake inside the cave, the lake emitted a multi colored glow, it was so increadible that I wish to know how to draw to recreate that beautiful landscape. I started to swim, I feel so light floating there, until i started to sink, the deep blackness of the bottom of the lake sorrund me, just see the colorful lights of the surface... I looked around and saw a enourmous monster, serpent light, that shine like it was a spectre. There is where the nightmare ends, I wake up cover in sweat, yet still think the place was amazing.
Just a question, but you only have to choose one place to post it right?
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Either way, I hope everyone here have fun!
Hmmm....the scariest dream I ever had wasn't what you would call traditionally scary and has been a recurring dream for me these past 20 years. I can certainly assure you that it is stressful, unsettling, and very fear laden. It begins with my attending college. I am approached by some random administration person telling me that I cannot be there as I did not complete my high school requirements and that all my college credits are null and void. I vehemently argue showing my Diploma, but am told it is invalid. Then, I am suddenly attending high school to meet those requirements, all the while feeling all the stress and anxiety over whether I would pass or not. That combined with feelings of anxiety believing that my homework wasn't finished.

I still wake up from that dream panicking about homework and being afraid and unsure about myself to this day. It's so real that all the anxiety, stress, confusion, feelings of inadequacy, and failure hurt deeply. And no.....I never failed high school or college. However, the stress that school placed on people back in my day was palpable. It really creates lasting feelings. We had high standards placed upon us our final year of high school having to write professional research papers with those being your complete and final grade. If we made one mistake (a low grade), we were held back. When I wake up like that I gotta remind myself that I'm middle-aged, and Idgaf. lol Sadly....deep inside I give many many fs. lol
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This is something that lives rent-free in my head.

When I was around ten years old, I found myself dreaming that the carnival had come to town. I was so excited. I went with my whole family, though in the manner of dreams I simply found myself arriving with no interlude as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

At first, it was everything a child could wish for. There were hoop games and prizes and every treat imaginable. Cotton candy, elephant ears, I got separated from my family in all the excitement and spent some time mindlessly enjoying all there was to experience. But after a time, I noticed it was getting darker and darker as night began to set in. I suddenly realized I couldn't see anyone else; the carnival was seemingly empty.

I started to run from tent to tent looking for my family when I ran into one of the clowns. He had a nasty manner and seemed to find my presence amusing. When he came towards me, I ran. Everywhere I ran I only ran into more clowns and workers, all of whom now had a sinister air.

I finally found myself running towards the exit. I dashed out and fell into a great pit that stretched for hundreds of meters in either direction. It was filled with bodies. I recognized my neighbors, people from around town, and finally my family. As I looked around, I saw that beneath the carnival was a great contraption that was dragging it forward toward me, churning up the earth before paving over it. The entire carnival was like a living thing itself, feeding on the dead before paving over their bodies as it worked its way onward to the next populated area.

I considered climbing out of the pit, to try and get away. But I looked around and saw everyone I loved gone and I felt the most profound despair. I didn't want to climb out, even if I did, the workers would probably catch me anyway. Just like they had caught all the other townsfolk. So, I curled up into a ball and waited for the earth to close over me. The last thing I heard was a grand voice proclaiming, "The Carnival has come to town".
Mjauv: Are we supposed to post the stories here, on Facebook or how do you want to recieve the entries?
Clownski_: Everything is in the rules - This has to be an original entry in response to the contest post on Twitter, Facebook, or in the forum thread under the contest announcement on GOG.COM.
Just replying to follow this post. I entered on Twitter and am looking every day to see if anything was announced yet. Thank you all for doing this.
Reading your nightmares was as terrifying as it was enjoyable.

Time to announce the list of creatures who made Scorn very happy:

#1 @Shade_Meadows
#2 Brenton S.
#3 @deCode666
#4 Mandy M.
#5 DiffuseReflection

Congratulations to the winners and all participants!

If you see your name on the list above, send me a private message to claim your prizes - I'll get back to you early next week :)
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Congrats to the winners! :)