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Here are some games I'm currently looking for (Most are on Sale):

Worms United (£0.99)
Worms 2 (£0.99)
Realms of the Haunting (£0.49)
Incoming + Incoming Forces (£0.49)
Any Men of War (Apart from Red Tide) (£1.19-£2.99)
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Thank you for the trade, tiggi76.
I have now made a want list that contains mainly games that are under £1. Please check it out!. At the moment its things that are in the GOG weekly sale, and I particularly want IL-2.
And here's my my have list!
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My codes for and 'Forge of Gods Fantastic Six and Promo Pack's' will expire soon. So I want to trade them quickly, together or separately. As long as the game you offer isn't actually free, I'll probably accept. But here's my want list anyway. The game you offer doesn't have to be on it, and also I will accept Steam, GOG, Origin, UPlay and 3ds codes.
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