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I'm plunking down my territory in this thread. Squaring off my plot, so to speak.

Revised December 18 2018, and currently active and accurate.

GOG - All codes acquired directly by me

Alan Wake
1954 Alcatraz
Din's Curse + Demon War Expansion
Edna and Harvey and New Eyes
Journey of a Roach
Little Big Adventure 2
Master of Orion 1+2
Postal Classic
Shadowrun: Dragonfall
Shelter 2 Special Edition
Syberia 2
We Are the Dwarves
Zafehouse: Diaries

GOG no longer in catalog - All codes purchased by me and valid

Neverwinter Nights Diamond
Race Driver: Grid

I also have a pile of keys for other platforms. I will bundle all these together for GOG games I don't own:

Groupees - entire bundles
The Space Bundle
2015 Spring Fling Bundle
Meridian 4 (comes with GOG key for Shadowgrounds and steam key for Scratches)

Steam keys via Groupees

Hundreds of shovelware games. I don't even know what all is in that barrel. But here are some of the better titles:

Aeternum, Avadon 2 the Corruption, Aveyond Gates of Night, Beat the Game, Call of Cthulu the Wasted Land, Castleabra, Chronicle of Innsmouth, Cyberia, Dark Echo, Dragonsphere, Drakensang the River of Time, Dreamscape, Drod: Gunthro and Epic Blunder, Flatout 3, I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Inherit the Earth Quest for the Orb (x2), Labyrinth of Time, Little Big Adventure 2, The Longest Journey, Madspace, Marble Mountain, Megabyte Punch, Miasmata, Mind: Path to Thalamus, Monument, Munin, Neocolonialism, New World: Kingdoms, Noctropolis (x2), Pilot Brothers 2, Pixel Piracy, Raywin, Realms of the Haunting, Riskers, Satellite Rush, Schein, Septerra Core, Shadowgate 2014, Shattered Throne, Sid Mier's Covert Action, Soulbringer, Space Rogue Classic, Starship Titanic (x2), Stereo Aero, Sword of the Samurai, System Shock 2, Terra Nova SFC, Tex Murphy (Martian Memorandum and Killing Moon), The Chaos Engine, The Labyrinth of Time, The Shivah, Timelapse, Toonstruck, Tross, Ubinota, Vangers, Warhammer 40k Spacewolf, ZAR

Steam gift links or keys via Humble

12 Is Better Than 6, 140, 2064 Read Only Memories, 7 Grand Steps: What Ancients Begat, Anomaly collection (defenders, korea, earth mobile, warzone), Aurion, Back to Bed, Batalj BETA, Batman Arkham Origins, Beatbuddy: Take of the Guardians, Beholder, Bionic Dues, Balde & Bones, Chroma Squad, Cibele, Cosmic DJ, Crimsonland, Crowntakers, Darkata - A Broken Heart's Quest CE, Death Road to Canada, Deep Under The Sky, Don't Stand Out, Doodle God, Door Kickers, Duet, Dungeon Defenders + 4 DLC, Dungeon Hearts, Dungeons 2, Dustforce DX, Dyscourse, FNAF Sister Location, Forced, Fort Meow, Fotonica, Goat Simulator, Grim Fandago Remastered, Freaky Awesome, Guns of Icarus Alliance CE costume pack + soundtrack, Hacknet + Labrynths DLC, Haunting of Billy, Her Story, Infinifactory, Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonca, Jotun, Journey Down 1 + 2, Kabounce, Lakeview Cabin Collection, Legends of Eisenwald, LostWinds 2, Lumino City (2 copies), Marvellous Miss Take, Marvin's Mittens, Massive Chalice, Meridian: New World, Metal Dead, Metrocide, Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor GOTY, Monster Loves You!, Neon Drive, Never Alone, Neverending Nightmares, Odallus:The Dark Call, Out of the Park Baseball 18, Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic, Plug & Play, Pony Island, Race The Sun, Rebuild 3, Retro City Rampage, Samorost 2, Satellite Reign, Saturday Morning RPG, Secret of the Magic Crystals Complete, Serious Sam: The Random Encounter, Screencheat, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Silence of the Sleep, Simple Planes, Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion, Sorcery Part 3, Splotches, Steamworld Heist, Strata, Sure Footing, Technobabylon, Tengami, Tiny Keep, TIS-100, Throne of Lies, Turmoil, Unit 4, Valhalla Hills, Void Destroyer, Volume, Warhammer: End Times, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Westerado Double Barreled, Where is my Heart?, Whispering Willow, Windward, World of Goo, Zero G Arena, Ziggurat

Hex the Card Game Key from Bard's Tale IV backing. Don't know what this gets you.


DRM-free games, with GOG my strong preference, and Humble second.

Basically, anything I don't already have. Typically I'll come asking you if I see your "have" list.

I have traded with:
DrakoPensulo, gbaz69 (x3), 23rd (x3), expopower, innerring (x2), tammerwhisk, Barry_Woodward, Fuin (x2), Raverok, wanderer_27 (x4), jamotide, amund, PaterAlf, X-com (x3), Urnoev (x2), Dessimu, apehater (x2), gargar, vulchor, HijacK (x3), adambiser, rz4, tokisto, Branjohello, mochila5, madth3, fronzelneekburm, Random_Coffee, Rexoberan, HeDanny, cecil, v3, amrit9037, Ingsoc85, skimmie, blackcatXIII, Mr_Whiffles, klatch, Alexim, _mz_ (x3), zxp930603 (x2), bela555, Celton88, MadalinStroe, Dedlago, z02228 (x3)
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