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Minor update to my list.

foxworks: Thanks, Chean for a smooth trade. I'll try to not be tardy next time :D
Many thanks to you as well! :)
I have Updated my trading list.
Updated my offers
Probably a long shot here but does anyone have an extra copy of Mass Effect on Steam? As a gift or I can buy it off you when I get paid, as long as it isn't too expensive, cause I have to save some money.
Updated have/want lists

Take care, folks!

Looking for individual games from the Bullfrog and Rebellion bundles.
Want: Rune Classic

Have: Pick what you want from my list:
rayden54: It'd be nice if there was a way to separate trading rep from general forum rep. I'm getting negative rep from people who don't agree with me on a forum post. Has nothing to do with my trading reliability.
There is already a forum for adding the names you have traded with ;) Please look at the OP or add your trade links in this thread
anx: Have:

Orcs Must Die 2 Complete
Mafia 2

Humble Origin Bundle Leftovers (send me a pm)


Dungeon Keeper 2
Spellforce Platinum
Broken Sword 2
Sin Gold
Commandos Ammo Pack
undeadcow said he/she has the Spellforce Saga.

[edit] Also, foxworks has Sin Gold.

[edit] Fruin has Commandos Ammo Pack.
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1 of my wants against multiple of my keys is certainly possible
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