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Bumping my Trade Post

The Original Strife: Veteran Edition is currently on sale for $1.99.

PM if you'd like to trade something from my key list for this game. Thanks for considering and happy trading. :)

edit: Was gifted the game by daedaliavallis. Thank you so much for the gift daedaliavallis! :D
Post edited November 17, 2018 by BenKii
It's been a while since I've bumped my trade post. Seeing as there is a Gog sale going on, I'll see if some of you guys are interested in trading some games from my wishlist for some spare keys I have.


BenKii's trade post


BenKii's Gog Wishlist
Hello fellow Goglodytes. Fallout 4 GOTY is on sale at several sites including Greenmangaming, 2game, and newegg for around $10-$13. If anyone shops at these sites, I'd like to trade that key for several of my keys. PM with offers and let's make a deal! :D

So to recap:

Fallout 4 GOTY (Steam key)

BenKii trade key list

edit: Here is a list of links to sites that have the sale along with any coupon codes that give it the best price.

Newegg (use code PCDDSUMMBT to get for $13.34 -- Newegglink

2game (use code SUMMER2GAME to get for $10.57) -- 2gamelink

Greenmangaming (use code WKND10 to get for $12.83) -- GMGlink/

Gamebillet (no code required to get for $12.23) -- Gamebilletlink

Wingamestore ( no code required to get for $12.23) -- Wingamestorelink
Post edited July 26, 2019 by BenKii
Last bump before the end of the Fallout 4 sale. I just checked all the stores again and it looks like wingamestore dropped the price further to $10.96.

Here's the link:

If anyone is interested in trading this game for some stuff from my key list, send a PM.

Fallout 4 GOTY (Steam)

BenKii Trade Post