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I have a 75% off Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Coupon (Humble Bundle), if someone is want it, watch is my wishlist or let me know what steam games do you have. It´s valid until the 08/31.
Looking to trade for:
<span class="bold">Realm of Perpetual Guilds</span> from the new IndieGala Humpday bundle.

My Trade List posts:
Part 1 - GOG &amp; Humble Steam links - post1250
Part 2 - Steam keys A-M - post1360
Part 3 Steam keys N-Z - post1922
Part 4 - Misc. + Verified trades links - post1973

Thanks for reading.
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I would love to get the new released Anno games on GOG:
Anno 1503 A.D.
Anno 1701 A.D.
(link to current sale)

Please check my trade list.
I still have a spare copy of Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition, either GOG or Steam (your choice).

If anyone is up for a (fair) trade for some stuff from my GOG wishlist, please send me a PM.
Recent additions are:

One Final Breath Seasons Pass
Alpha Protocol

Rest of my have list is here.

Top items on my wishlist are (GOG or Steam):
MX vs. ATV Reflex (or other Rainbow Studios game)
Victor Vran
Invisible Inc.
Gods Will Be Watching

... or offers!

Thanks for the great trade roelibex!
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Have remnants will give it all for any game on my GOG wishlist or non steam offers
The Nightmare Cooperative
BloodRealm: Battlegrounds Debut Champion "Lora" + 3 Elite Packs (Early Access)
Scrolls Full Version
Thomas Was Alone
Gratuitous Tank Battles Steam Key
Eets Steam Key
Frozen Synapse Multiplayer and Steam key
Nightsky Steam key
Anomaly Korea
Anomaly Warzone Earth
Prototype keys from Double Fine Humble Bundle
Edna and Harvey: Harvey's brand new eyes
A valley without wind 1&2
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I'm interested in everything in the Weekly Staff Picks Promo. Anyone need anything here for it?
I am looking to purchase Planescape torment, Icewind dale 1 and 2 complete, Temple of Elemental evil, and Neverwinter nights Diamond Edition and Neverwinter Nights 2 complete all of them at once. This is my first time in trade forums and my offer in exchange of this bundle is any game or bundle of games you want which is under or adds upto $25 in GOG or Steam.
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Looking for
Anno 1602 (GOG)
Anno 1503 (GOG)
Anno 1701 (GOG)

will trade lots of steam keys for each one


Fantasy Wars (GOG)
Eador: Masters of the Broken World - ALLIED FORCES (GOG)
Ziggurat (GOG/Steam)
Tron 2.0 (Steam)
Venetica - Gold Edition (Steam)


Traded with
Christoph89, foxworks, Accatone, Leroux, irlandezul, gbaz69 x2, Darilon, Getcomposted x5, Psyringe, roelibex, Impaler26 x3, yogsloth, KoreaBeat, Ingsoc85 x2, blarth, madth3, Tannath, adambiser, MoP, rmontiago, DyNaer, siulebuo x2, AcidFlux x2, Drejzer, hummer010 x2, curtisd88, XiTaU, skimmie, Spectrum_Legacy, huN73R, X-com, misterlion x2, Rexoberan, Catshade, pablodusk, Hackworthy.900, mchack, JunglePredator, Teppic

Thanks to siulebuo for another smooth trade
and fellow cookie monster PaterAlf for the gift!
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Thanks Braussie, smooth one!
Platformines (Steam)
Deadcore (Steam)

I don't know, just send me an offer via PM

Shadow Warrior is $4 on Steam as part of this weekend's deal! If anyone wants to trade me a copy for anything (or everything, heh) on my list, along with any other games you have, send me a message!
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If any of you drm-free shoppers buy the current $10 tier,
I would love to trade for Reassembly (and also maybe STARWHAL and Starmade).

My info and haves. ~ps. not updated in a while, however still should be accurate.

Thank you.
Albion (gog)
X Wing (gog)
Tie Fighter (gog)
Soulcraft (indiegala)
Deadnaut (indiegala)
Reassembky (humble)

Recently Added:
Starmade (steamgift)
Steam Marines
PING 1.5+
Endless Space Emperor Edition
Ace Combat Assault Horizon
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