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Well my trade offer could only have been considered a good deal during the summer sale so for now I'm afraid I have nothing to offer.
Honestly I'd kinda forgotten what the GOG front page looked like.. but i haven't been here for a very long time so i suppose that was only me.
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>500 games on various platforms (Steam, GamersGate, Desura, GOG, ShinyLoot).
Check my list.

Please note that the document has 4 tabs: One ordered by game title, one ordered by platform (useful if you're only interested in games for a given platform like Steam or Desura), one with explanations about keys and platforms, and one with general information for traders. You can change tabs with the buttons in the bottom row.


I will generally trade any game in my list for any Steam or GOG game of similar value that I don't have already on that platform. My Steam profile is public, so you can easily check which games I already have. I am only interested in legitimately obtained keys from reputable stores.

Previously traded with / gifted games to:
Quite a few people, but it's been a while ... recently traded games with Grargar, Heretic777, Cmdr_Flashheart, alexkoti, chean, BranjoHello, samlii, koima57, undeadcow, DarkoD13, Giltonnam, Rexoberan, Badseeder, Leroux, The.Kuribo, Fluent2332, Tokisto, Innerring, mchack, siulebuo, v3, Catshade, Grargar, and hummer010, as well as cards with JMich, samlii and Rodzaju.
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Updated my trading list again.

Thanks to adambiser & Heretic777 for recent smooth trades! :)
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Want: Spellforce 2 Shadow Wars or Dragon Storm at $1.99 (so if you have already all games in the bundle currently on sale - I am rather interested in trying one of these games)

Have: Another GOG game at similar price.
Cyberevil: Thanks, sorry about the pseudo derail. And yes i got your PM... I'm sure having issues sending/receiving them this weekend no idea what is up with that.
so it seems if i wanted to buy more than one, but have each it's own code I have to eliminate all but 1 and do multiple purchases.
Or more simply, navigate to the game you want and you will be presented with the game's current discount (not the bundle one). Select to gift it to a friend and the game's price will be adjusted to the bundled discount in your cart and, subsequently, on your checkout.
One last bump.
Thanks to chean for smooth & friendly trade. :)
final bump
Burp... err... Bump. :D
Changed my mind.
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One last bump before the summer sale ends

(EDIT: It's over. Nothing to see, move along......)
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[obsolete trade offer removed]
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Would like (GOG or Steam)
Battle Isle Platinum (GOG)
Heroes Chronicles
Papers Please
Or something else from [url=]here[/url].

Shattered Haven (GOG)
Little Big Adventure 2
Hammerwatch (Humble Store)
And a few bundle keys.
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Forget it!
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