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Happy Easter, everyone!

And a weekly <span class="bold">Updated</span>
Trade for Clear Sky and/or Zombie Shooter 1 and/or 2

Recently had my CC used fraudulently and don't have a way to buy online now till the new one comes in the mail. being as its the holiday weekend were sort of dead in the water here. Thought i would see if i can trade for a few sale games. Had these awhile and have yet to find anyone interested as a gift so why not try a trade :)

I'm assuming i can just inbox you the codes to redeem, I've included an image as proof that i have the goods since there are some sinister types that like to grab and run here.

I have Magrunner: Dark Pulse and [url=]Beyond Divinity and lastly The Witcher For trade on

Magrunner is Portal meets Cuthulu in a twisted world of physics and out of the box thinking. Its more interesting than hard, and the story makes up for any shortfalls. One of the better games ive played in recent memory.

Divine and Beyond Divinity were challengers to the throne of Diablo back in the day. They are good solid games, with the only down side being a static worldscape. But that world is massive... its like comparing Titans Quest to Diablo 2.

The Witcher, the game that started it all... Im a fan of the series so i see absolutely no negative to this game... its what got me hooked on the game, books, and CDP-RED as a developer. Music alone is worth the price of the game, and since i mentioned it now i have to listen to it again :)

So yeah pick your poison, whichever in trade for Zombie Shooter 1+2 and STALKER: Clear Sky ^_^ This way i know the games are going to a good home and will be used instead of gathering digital dust.

Ia lso have some Steamcodes from bundles im not using but that will take some digging/sorting to flesh out.
proof.png (95 Kb)
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Have Don't Starve Together (Steam Gift) available for trade.
Would like to emphasize that I have The Guild 2 Renaissance (GOG) available for trade also, it's a game no longer available for purchase here, so if you missed it before, this is a good chance to acquire it.

Check other games I have available and what I'm looking for OVER HERE.
from current/recent bundles:
The Old City Leviathan
A Wizard's Lizard
Road Not Taken
Enemy Front

Tie FIghter
Dins Curse + dlc
Drox Op + dlc

Also got retail codes for all 3 Stalker games, can be reclaimed as GOG's
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Edit: deal over
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Steam gifts:
- Don't Starve
- Shadow Warrior
- Metro Last Light Complete (not available in steam store anymore)
- System Shock 2

Humble Bundle links:
- Spec Ops: The Line
- Sid Meier's Civilization V
- Hitman: Absolution
- Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
- Papers, Please
- Serious Sam 3: BFE
- Reus
- Terraria
- Outlast
- Dust: An Elysian Tail
- Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

I prefer CS:GO keys and skins, but feel free to offer anything :)
thanks for the trade
— x —

Many thanks to the.kuribo for the nice trade ^_^
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I want to buy 4 more Humble Indie Bundle 14 $10 tiers, but I don't want the drm-free games to goto waste.

So if anyone is interested in the drm-free games, while they GIVE me back the steam keys, and wouldn't mind splitting some of the cost, I'll gift them the entire bundle.

Please please message me.

Current drm-FREE games:
Pixel Piracy
Super Splatters
Torchlight II
++at least two more games tuesday (I will update/bump this post then)
Shadow Warrior Special Edtion
++++(plus the 4 bonus soundtracks)

ps. the cost could be a cheap game ($4-6) or something else we can work out.

My gog rep (that I know of)
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I have a key for Knightshift on Steam :

I also have (GOG) :

3 x Torchlight
1 x Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition

Looking for (Steam) :

Microsoft Flight Simulator X


Wings of Prey
AVGN Movie
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EDIT: Already got my wish! Thanks again, WildHobgoblin!

Check out my trade list here!
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Have on gog:
Aliens Versus Predator Classic 2000
Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure)
Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, The

Want on gog:
-Bastion (currently on promo)
-Sam&Max (the classic)

Alternatively you can hit me on PM with offers, I'm open to negociations and can provide higher ratios too ;)

Thanks for your time and attention.
fronzelneekburm: If someone would like to trade a Death To Spies GOG key for anything off my have-list, I'd be much obliged!
sent PM
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