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Thanks Briareos262 for a new year's gift.
Steal this message.
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Exceed 3d
Dins Curse+dlc
Wasteland 2
Or just how me your list!



Blades Of Time Limited Edition
Chaos Domain
Commando Jack
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive
Dust An Elysian Tail
Electronic Super Joy Groove City
Elven Legacy
Fairy Tale About Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya
From the Depths (early access)
Gas Guzzlers Extreme
Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy
Hyper Fighters
Ionball 2 : Ionstorm
Kingdom Rush
Kraven Manor
Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan
Little Racers Street
Lost Marbles
Magicka: Wizard Wars - Holy Knights Robe DLC (free just pm)
Man In A Maze
OMG Zombies!
PAYDAY 2 - Lycanwulf and The One Below Masks (free just pm)
Real Boxing
Rover Rescue
Siege Of Inaolia
Speed Kills
Spy Fox in Dry Cereal
Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl
Star Ruler
Steel & Steam: Episode 1
Sweet Lily Dreams
Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure
Voyage: Journey to the Moon
World War 1 Centennial Edition
Year Walk
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Thanks for the nice trade, madth3.
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Grargar: Thanks for the nice trade, madth3.
Thanks to you too.
Glad I had something you needed as I can't buy things on Steam to trade/gift anymore. :(
Thanks to Heretic777 and koima57 for the trades!

And big thanks to innerring (who has a nice giveaway going here) for the unexpected gift :)

Happy New Year!
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Nuclear Throne

Would anyone be willing to help me out, it might be a good trade for you, but I have really been wanting to play both final Fantasy 4 and 8 and was wondering if someone would be willing to trade one of them for my copy of Nuclear Throne.
Bumping my trade list

Several games I would like to get are currently on sale, in order of preference: (will trade a lot for that!)

AcidFlux: snip
Thanks a lot for a nice trade! :)

from the weekend Interplay promo:
Kingpin: Life of Crime
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Redneck Rampage

Cold Fear (Steam)

from recent bundles

Alone in the Dark
Alter Ego
Knights of Honor
11th Hour
Cognition GOTY


will trade multiple bundle keys (depends on a bundle tier) for a single key

edit: thanks to rmontiago for the smooth trade!
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Looking for 4 games from current weekend promo:
Giants: Citizen Kabuto
Earthworm Jim 3D

Have list.
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Any of you have a GOG code for Hitman 2 & Hitman 3 ?
List Updated.
Interested by new release :
Drox Operative
Drox Operative DLC - Invasion of the Ancients

Interested by current promo :
Descent 1+2
Descent 3 + Mercenary
Conquest of the New World
Castles 1+2
Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business
Die by the Sword + Limb for Limb
Screamer 2
F/A-18E Super Hornet
Subwar 2050 Complete
Invictus: In the Shadows of Olympus
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