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I really want most of the Bundlestars Killer Bundle. The only two I'm not interested in are Pixel Piracy and Real Boxing.

Please send me an offer! My trading list is HERE. ^__^

EDIT: Oops! I already own Year Walk, so I don't need that one :)
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Bump added a couple new games

Looking for Demonicon: The Dark Eye from new Bundlestars Killer Bundle
I have:

Call of Duty - Ghost: Gold Edition (4.5)
Terraria 4 packs (2k)
Dynasty Warrior 8 (4.5k)
Van Hellsing 2 Complete (2k)

All Steam Gifts.

I want:

TF2 keys as listed each gifts.
edit: offer expired
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Thanks for the trade madth3
Thanks for the trade Tranquil.Suit
Good trade, hugo360pt
wanderer_27: Thanks for the trade madth3
Thanks to you too!
[H] Meridian: New World (gift in Steam Inventory)

[W] Offers

I really just want it out of my inventory.
Looking for the [url= Bundle]Killer Bundle[/url] Gift from Bundle Stars. I am a bit short on trade-bait at the moment, but I will gladly offer the following:

Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive (Steam)
Beyond Space (Steam)
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (Steam)
Space Hack (Steam)
50% off coupon for Endless Space
50% off coupon for Endless Space: Disharmony
My undying gratitude for bailing out an idiot who spent all his discretionary cash for the month right before this awesome bundle was announced. :)

I may be able to swing a $1 tier bundle of your choice, but I have to make sure my international transaction fees haven't left me with less than a dollar in my discretionary account.
[H] The Witcher 2 EE GOG (expires 12/31/14)

[W] Medal of Honor Allied Assault War Chest
Tomb Raider
Baldurs Gate 2 EE
Baldurs Gate 1 EE
Icewind Dale EE
Stalker Games

GOG or Steam....doesn't matter.

Or make me an offer.
rivethead318: Or make me an offer.
How about I remind people that there are still some folks offering Witcher 2 codes for free in the thread for soon expiring codes?
The following are the Steamgifts and GOGkeys i have available for trade (all bought by myself over the years):

Willing to trade multiple games for what i would like :)


From current sale :

Battle Worlds Kronos
Commandos 2+3
Raiden III
Rayman 1-3 (from current bundle)
Populous 1-3 (from the current bundle)

Other GOG games on sale i would like to trade for

Costume Quest
Wings (Emulated Amiga Edition)

**HAVE **


AI War DLC Children of Neinzul
AI War DLC Light of the Spire
AI War DLC Zenith Remnant
Analogue A Hate Story Soundtrack/Game Bundle
Just Cause
Knights of the Old Republic 2
Ridge Racer Unbound Bundle
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Tomb Raider Legend
Tomb Raider Underworld
Under the Ocean
Valley of the Wind 2
Wargame Airland Battles


Aarklash Legacy
Alan Wakes American Nightmare
American Conquest + Fightback
Baldurs gate The original Saga
Betrayal at Krondor
Bionic Dues
Chronicles of Riddick
Etherlords 2
FTL Advanced Edition
Gobliins Pack + Luftrausers leftover code
Oddworld Abes Exoddus
Planescape Torment
Realms of Arcania 1+2
S2 Silent Storm Gold
Sam and Max Beyond Space and Time
System Shock 2
Temple of Elemental Evil
Trine 2 Complete Story
Wing Commander IV

Successfully Traded with : cmh5; hugo360pt; apehater
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