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Thank you zstrifer for the smooth trade.
Here's my (growing) wishlist for GoG:

Want (specific editions)
- Crusader: No Regret™ (GoG)
- Master of Magic (GoG)(*)
- Realms of Arkania 1 + 2 (GoG)
- Realms of Arkania 3 (GoG)
- Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (GoG)
- Humble Bundle RPG Maker extras (Exclusive Resource Pack, Game Character Hub)

(*) I could have sworn I owned this, except it's not on my shelf or in my gifts. (Might be in one of my emails somewhere.)

Have (GoG)
- Aquanox 2
- The Lords of Midnight
- Theme Hospital
- Total Annihilation: Commander Pack

Have (Other)
Once I break up some Humble Bundle bundles into Steam (?) keys, expect to see:
- Humble Indie Bundle 9 (Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies, Brütal Legend)
- Humble Indie Bundle 10 (Joe Danger 2, Papo & Yo)
- Humble Roguelike (Paranautical Activity)
- Humble Android bundle 10 (Broken Sword II, Type:Rider, Ravensword)
(Wait.. I have a Desura account?? WTF, Indie Royale!)

A bit of warning: I tend to float in and out; I might be gone for a day or even a week.

Thanks to undeadcow for walking me through my first trade! srilumpa for their generosity! xckx for their patience!
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I am selling left copies from 4 packs:

Contagion (Steam Gift) for 2 TF2 keys
Project Zomboid (Steam Gift) for 3 TF2
Don't want to be a pain but is bumping your old list not better? :p You list is so unclear to read lol xD You can always use pastebin, no account needed and you can edit your list.
updated in later post.
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(seriously now, everybody and his dog own Commandos+Desperados nowadays or what???)
Thanks, theslitherydeee for nice and quick trade. :)
Treasure: Bump
(seriously now, everybody and his dog own Commandos+Desperados nowadays or what???)
I do! Doesn't everyone though? I mean who can call themselves a man if they don't own those games? :)
Very smooth trade. Thank you BranjoHello.
Looking to trade for Paper's Please, Pathologic, and Rune Classic from the Flash sales.

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Thank you Klumpen0815 for a smooth trade!
Thank you VERY VERY MUCH Muttala for the amazing gift :D!
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Since FF7+8 is on sale on Steam and FF3 got a sale (Even though that's percentage off is low for FF3)...

Updated my list again:
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