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Just throwing this out there; if someone has Avernum: Escape from the Pit from some earlier bundle and would rather have a Trials clone instead, I have a Steam key for Urban Trial Freestyle I could trade for Avernum. So basically this: for this:
Just some update for my post. Any offers.
updated my post
Updated my list.
My Tradelist updated
Have and Want:

willing to trade several keys for a game

Traded with Christoph89, foxworks, Accatone, Leroux, irlandezul, gbaz69, Darilon, Getcomposted x4, Psyringe, roelibex, Impaler26, yogsloth, KoreaBeat, Ingsoc85, blarth, madth3, Tannath, adambiser

edit: thanks a lot to a mysterious gifter!
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Thanks Klumpen0815 for a smooth trade

- Little Big Adventure
- Metro 2033 (Steam) - Must redeem before November 21, 2014
- Stacking (Steam)


- Not looking for anything in particular, will gladly accept a game that looks cool OR simply give you the key for nothing ;)
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murcielago: Thanks Klumpen0815 for a smooth trade
Likewise :)
Bump For Updates

My Trade list as of 10-11-2014
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Thanks for Moto Racer 2, generous person whose name shalt not be revealed! ;)
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Trades done.
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The Baconing on Steam


Anything you may have to offer.
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I have these games in my humble bundle collection, anyone willing to trade?

Origin keys:

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
Dead Space 3
Dead Space
Mirror's Edge

Desura key:

Organ Trail: Director's Cut

Steam keys:

Sid Meier's Civilization III: Complete

I also have Medal of Honor (2010) key for Origin that I accidentally ''revealed'' /''opened'', but I haven't used it to activate the game
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