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Any one have a steam key for The Novelist from HIB13 they want to trade? It's the only BTA game I don't have, so I'm not willing to BTA.

My Trade List
Kunovski: EDIT: sucessfully traded with siulebuo, thank you!!!
Thank you, too!!
BranjoHello: Thanks for the trade, Magoxx! :)

Thank you BranjoHello! :)

My Tradelist updated
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Bump and update to wishlist
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Updated here.
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I'm looking to trade for Lovely Planet and Always Sometimes Monster, both of which are on sale here at GOG.

You can see the list of games I have available to trade as well as a list of people I've successfully traded with HERE
Since I'm looking for X Rebirth (Steam-key), since the retail-box is $4 at Best Buy currently...

Anybody with Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition willing to trade for games from places other than GOG? Willing to buy something around the same price range.
updated bump
Updated due to some new bundle deals.
Cool, thank you for the trade.
gbaz69: Cool, thank you for the trade.
Many thanks to Gbaz69 for the trade. Much appreciated.