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donkatili: its an offer dude lol if u want i just need btc , gog is so easy to get anything free

That sounds ... fishy
Thank you for the great trade mrkgnao! : )
Edit: Wish granted by Tannath as a generous gift (for now, I hope I can reciprocate in the future)

I have Beyond Divinity at HB but I'd like to get it here at GOG (Currently very cheap as part of the mutator promo)

List of HAVEs in my trading post
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Thanks for another lovely trade, koima57! :)
BranjoHello: Thanks for another lovely trade, koima57! :)
Thank you right back, @BranjoHello

Which one is it since we settle deals, the second, or third or..?

Let's not count them. and wish for more happily ever after! ;)
Hey guys, I have Luftrausers on GOG and I am trying to find either The Raven: Legacy of the Master Thief, Democracy 3,, In Cold Blood, Dyad, Tower of Guns (most wanted come first). If you happen to have extra mutators you'd like to trade for, let me know.

3 unused Hearthstone card packs for the EU region


a GOG game worth 1-2 Euro, from a future promo, PM me and let's work something out (it's much cheaper this way for you than buying it directly from blizzard)
Since I can't get the bleedin' mutators to change today, if anybody picks up Unrest SE and wants to trade, I will trade several games on my list for it.
New here.

I have one code for Smugglers V, and Syndicate Wars.

I have another code for F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0.

I want to trade for Banished, Shadowrun:Dragonfall, InFlux, Unepic, Giana Sisters:Twisted Dreams or Giana Sisters: Rise of the Owlverlord. GOG only please.

Make an offer and I'll get back to you.

Update: In Cold Blood and Vertical Drop Heroes HD were claimed.
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Got it from MarkoH01! Thank you!
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pablodusk: Here's a bump of ye olde trading list.
Giltonnam: Thanks for the trade :)
Thank you, too!
Thanks for the nice trade! :)
Thanks for the trade, ZiTheBookishGamer! :)
I just bought the KISS humble bundle and would like to trade the following humble STEAM Gift Keys

Unrest - TAKEN
Lifeless Planet
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising

I am interested in GOG games - just make an offer (Costume quest, Downfall, Story about my Uncle, Gods are Watching, Cognition, Dracula Trilogy are on top of my wishlist but just make me an offer).
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Looking to Trade:
Shadow Warrior Classic Complete
Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude: Uncut and Uncensored!
Inherit the Earth
F-117A Nighthawk Stealth Fighter 2.0

Divinity: Dragon Commander Imperial Edition
Kings Bounty: The Legend
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Gabriel Knight: Sins Of The Fathers – 20th Anniversary Edition
Banner Saga, The
Divinity: Original Sin
System Shock 2
Deus Ex Goty Edition
Warlords Battlecry 1, 2, or 3
Arx Fatalis
Deponia 2 or 3
Sam & Max: The Devil'S Playhouse
Risen 1 or 2
Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky, The
Age Of Wonders 1, 2, or 3
Ethan: Meteor Hunter