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The game

LEGO The Lord of the Rings

is on sale on Bundle Stars for the next few hours

If anyone can buy it for me i'll gladly trade it with ANY of the games on my (sadly very short) trade list

If you are reasonable i'm willing to even give more than one game

Thanks a lot!!
Deal has ended found someone for trade - roelibex
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Bumping my list.

Looking for Trine 1 and Space Run, among others.
Have: Hammerwatch, Race the Sun
Want: Offers, DYAD, Battle Worlds: Kronos
Successfully traded with: Giltonnam, BillyMaysFan59, pablodusk, cmdr_flashheart, alexkoti
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DreamedArtist: ...
low rated
pablodusk: thanks for nice trade AcidFlux!!
Three trades in a row and also one more waiting? This is love <3


Thanks for nice trades and sorry to make you wait last night so long for this "Adambiser" outcome.


I'm looking for (in order of preference) from the current Valhalla Bundle @ Bundlestars

King's Bounty: Warriors of the North Valhalla Edition (could be Vanilla also)
Soldiers: Heroes of World Ward II
Theatre of War
7.62 High Calibre

or The Whole Valhalla Bundle


Here's what I can offer for these games and also more "Wants":

Click Me! I am willing to give away many items for these games... yikes! =D
AcidFlux: ...
adambiser: ...
I can't speak to most of this, but I can add that I had already promised these 3 DLCs to AcidFlux in a trade before Grargar gifted them. Anyway, personally speaking, I've had only good trades here, including with both of you.

Well, might as well bump my small post too :)
edit: done
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Thanks to EnforcerSunWoo for yet another great trade. (Despite weird bugs.) :)
Shiny the Firefly IndieGala gift link.

Would like to trade it for some other Bundle link.
Few current possiblities:
Lifeless Planet from
Syder Arcade from
Wasteland Angel from
DreamedArtist: ...
Thanks for the trade! Enjoy your games!
Great trade with roelibex fast and simple! +100 if was possible lol
List updated, I'm looking for few games from Steam week sales. Thanks for reading ! :-)
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Another successful trade with Fuin. Thanks