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low rated
I have codes for

Shadow Warrior 2013
Shadow Warrior 2

Here's a list of the games I want.
observer system redux Deluxe Edition

I'll trade either game for one of these
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I'm looking for a Steam key for HROT (currently part of a Humble Bundle). I can offer games on GOG and Steam in exchange.
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Will trade a GOG copy of Corridor 7, Deadly Dozen, and Oddworld Abe's Odyssey's 2 dlcs (no base game) for Dragon Age on sale ($5)
[WANT] Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning FATE Edition (there's a newsletter code today (Friday) that discounts the price to just under $20)

Trade has been completed, a big thanks to pablodusk
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Crystal Caves HD (on sale for $1.99)

[H] Pick one of the following.

There are a few other games, msg me if you need a list.
Trade has been completed, a big thanks to pablodusk
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Thank you for the wonderful trade pablodusk !

Hope you have a many hours of enjoyment with those games. :)
Thanks as well for the great trade!
HAVE (Steam):
From Fanatical "SciFi Bundle" (Jan/2021):
- Phoning Home
- Redirection
- Starward Rogue
- The Uncertain - The Last Quiet Day
- Voidship: The Long Journey

From Humble Bundle "Best of Boomer Shooters" (Mar/2022):
- Dusk
- Hedon Bloodrite
- Ion Fury
- Project Warlock

WANT (only GOG):

Trade successfully with:
UCrest -- Page: 925, Post #18597 and #18600: Prodeus (GOG) key exchange for DUSK (STEAM).
Mr_Whiffles: private trade: Ion Fury (Steam) key exchange for Corridor 7 (GOG)
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Use the search tag Luke !: froxbogs_rizzlydrain_heakysqueel
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Deleted - no longer valid.
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I'm still sitting (for months now...) on spare Space Haven GOG key, trading it for less than it cost on sale (highest discount was 33% off), for something from my wishlist - I hope to get rid of it before the sale ends :-)
Deleted - no longer valid.
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What if there are newcomers to the forum but not new to trading?
There are several
The Great Jitters Pudding Panic
8-bit commando
Little Inferno
Thomas was Alone x2
Awesomenauts + Cluck DLC
Capsized x2 (HB)
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Deleted. No longer needed.
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