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edit: offer expired

Recent trades over the weekend: , [url=]Klumpen0815, , [url=]AcidFlux, chean
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Thanks for the nice trade, artakserkso! :)
pirateoftheah: Thank you very much for the nice trade, expopower! :)
Thank you, as well! =D
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Hi everyone! Just one more bump from me before the Last Chance Special ends (seven hours left!), then I won't be spamming up this topic for a while. =P

Take a look at my list!

I have a lengthy Google Sheet there with a variety of Steam, Desura, and GOG distributed games that might interest you. Though since many of them have been bundled before, I'm more than willing to trade multiple games for any single item on my Want list.

PM me if you'd be interested in trading! I'm hoping I can snag the games before they're (maybe permanently) removed from the GOG catalog. Also, here's my list of previous trades.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: That's all, got the last two I was looking for myself. Thank you all for helping me grab so many of the games I was looking for, though! I'll be back next time there's a promo, hopefully with an even bigger list of games to offer for trading. =D
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I have insecticide part 1 to trade. it's on steam, though, so pm me if you have an account and are interested.
Does anyone have a copy of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic? I missed a sale on GamersGate the other day and would really like to trade for it. Willing to buy something from the Last Chance Promo if you're not interested in my HAVE list. :-)
Thanks for the nice trades, YaYosucka and IAmSinistar! :)
Impaler26: snip
Thanks for the trade mate! I appreciate the additions to my visual novel collection. Cheers!
Thanks for the trade chean.
gbaz69: Thanks for the trade chean.
Likewise! :)
From Bundle Stars Inferno:
- Speed Kills
- Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus
- Jet Car Stunts
- Heavy Fire: Afghanistan

From Bundle Stars Titanium:
- Project Root

From kissmybundles Heavy Sixer:
- Chaos Domain

thanks for the trade

Silver (GOG Gift Copy)

Brutal Legend +Takedown: Red Sabre (Steam Inventory)

Metal Slug 3 + Takedown: Red Sabre (Steam Inventory)

9 Trails in the Sky Steam Cards roughly worth $2+ (Steam Inventory)

PM for Steam

Edit: No longer needed :)
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One last shot at this...

I'd like to trade for:

Black Mirror

Only a few hours left to snag it. Here's my HAVE list.
A quick bump before the sale ends.