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Sent you an offer and i think you're not received my earlier chat as well on May 17th.
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I will trade a steam game of 10-12$ for a copy of empires: Dawn of the modern world, My prepaid credit card will not let me buy the game
Steam keys i have:

Shock Tactics;
Crash Force;
Syberia 2;

Steam/origin/gog keys I want;

Any Wolfenstein game from RTCW;
Any Medal of Honor game;
Any Max Payne game;
Any Penumbra game;
Any Amnesia game;
Any Brothers in Arms game;
Any Mafia game;
Any Prince of Persia game from PoP:SoT
Any COD game;
Any AvP game or A:CM
The Saboteur
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not applicable anymore
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PM sent.

Giants Citizen Kabuto

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Witcher 3
Battle Realms and the Winter Wolf
Rebel Galaxy
Alan Wake: American Nightmare


Gunstar Heroes
Streets of Rage 2
Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition
Ridge Racer Unbounded Bundle
Star Trek
Beware Planet Earth
Uncanny Valley
Cook, Serve, Delicious!


Anything from my wishlist.
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Have (GOG)

Alan Wake's American Nigthmare (expires on June 27)

Bundle: Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard + Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone + The Temple of Elemental Evil

Want (GOG)

Crysis Warhead
Day Of The Tentacle Remastered
Dead Space
Dragon Age Origins
Medal Of Honor Pacific Assault
Metro Last Light Redux
Metro Redux
Mirror's Edge
Singularity - will trade against any game you want at the same prize range
STALKER Call Of Propyat
STALKER Shadow Of Chernobyl
Thimbleweed Park
Turok 2
Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines
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Hello! The market is probably overflowing with these but i thought it'd be best to try anyway. I have bought some games during the current summer sale and was awarded with a code for Alan Wake's American Nightmare, which i have not used yet (it will expire on june 27). It is a game i dont want so wanted to take a chance and ask if there are any interested people? I've read the rules and, considering im both a new face in the forums (sort of) and new here in the trading circles, i understand and accept that i'll go first and that using the GoG Galaxy chat is preferable, no problem there. :)

PLEASE NOTE:Some of the games are not at the same price-range as AWAN, i do not mind (even if the game you offer is lower value) but just thought i'd mention. Also i do not particularly care if it is a steam version or not, especially if it's a singleplayer-only game but i know some of these are not availible on both platforms.
However even if it's not on my lists i might still be interested to trade. Sci-fi, strategy, survival, management games, adventure, point & click, steam and cyberpunk are all very much welcome and so are "unique experiences". If you look at the lists you'll find the genres are ALL OVER the place haha. 1st person shooter games like Call of duty and counterstrike are usually not my cup of tea, though there are some exceptions. Most horror games have a 90% chance of being rejected. Very gory games are not welcome neither are any with satanic imagery (so the DOOM series goes straight out the window hahaha ;P).

Have a lovely day! :3

Alan Wake's American Nightmare (key expires on June 27)

See my wishlist.

Halcyon 6
Galactic Civilizations III
Distant Worlds: Universe
Cities: Skylines
Homeworld Remastered Collection
Offworld Trading Company
Invisible inc.
Satellite Reign
Out There: Omega Edition
Skyshine's BEDLAM
Keep talking and nobody explodes
This is the police
Home Behind
Grow Up
Orion Trail
Sins of a solar empire: rebellion
The Witness
Homeworld: Deserts of kharak
Lifeless planet
Xcom 2
Star Hammer: the vanguard prophecy
Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor
Islands: non-places
911 operator
Heat signature
Quadrilateral Cowboy
The westport independent
The Aquatic adventure of the last human

Traded with:
No one yet im afraid, neither on steam nor here..
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Thanks for a nice trade, Cifer84!
skimmie: Thanks for a nice trade, Cifer84!
Thanks for the great trade, skimmie!
FadeToGrey: Have:

Kentucky Route Zero
Hullo there! I have a gog version of Alan Wake's American Nightmare (expires june 27), would you be interested in swapping your kentucky route zero for it? i dont know much about that game but the little i've seen intrigues me, i like interesting game experiences. :)
Hacobo13: I will trade a steam game of 10-12$ for a copy of empires: Dawn of the modern world, My prepaid credit card will not let me buy the game
Chat sent
WANT (from the Summer Sale)
- Order of the Thorne
- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
- Braid


Thanks! =)
Thank you, plan99, for the great trade!!