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Neverwinter Nights, Diamond Edition (GOG)

Scratches: Director's Cut (GOG)
Might accept other GOG game at or near the 9,99 category, if that is ok with you.

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Does anybody want to trade the current sale "" for something from [url=]this list?
I usually try to avoid posting Steam games here. However in this case...

Trine (Steam Gift)

Trine (GOG)

Just in case anyone here happens to be one of the people who actually prefer Steam.
I'm offering Bioshock and Bioshock 2 for Xcom Enemy Unknown, currently on sale at Gamersgate.

I'm also listening to other offers.

Thanks for your consideration.
Space Rangers HD A War Apart (steam sale)
Kick Beat Steam Ed. (steam sale)

I want to express my sincere thanks to these 3 good souls for their generosity:

amund, AFnord, foxworks

And also special mention goes to:


For explaining me a lot about trading and some other 10,000 questions I made XD

With people like you, I regained faith on Human kind, hehe.

Also a little BUMP due to EDIT:

Looking to get Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller Episode 4, Space Rangers HD: A War Apart, and Binary Domain - Dan Marshall Pack.
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It's been a while, so I updated my trade haves/wants.

I hope all are well. Have a great day, folks! :)
List updated after I found some more games! :-) Unfortunately removed Postal 2 from list as it seems Humble Bundle wont let me gift this game. :-(

Here is the link:
edit: thanks for the trade chean
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Looking for Last Remnant from Humble bundle

Also stuff from here:
high rated
Pressured on Desura - MAF63-NAE3B-P1E6E-8G2KD-2ZRDJ
Ice Cream Surfer on Desura - MCGUW-QCR8Z-SSXI1-7G70H-40ZWS

World Peace
Updated my list:
Nevermind. I'll try other day.
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[Have] Strife Beta:
[Want] nothing :D

PM please.