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zeffyr: I've got a spare key for $9.99 GOG gamę. Would someone be interested in exchanging it for Spelunky and Stick it to the man ($4.99 each)? :-)
IAmSinistar: Thanks for the swap mate, enjoy your games! I think I'll be tucking into Ascendant this weekend. :D
And thank you! Big thanks! :)
Thanks for the great trade!
Thanks to hummer010 for a good, smooth trade.
Fuin: Thanks to hummer010 for a good, smooth trade.
Thank you!
Updated for this week:

Have on GOG:

Duke Nukem 3D
Dungeon Keeper Gold

Want: any of the games on promo for 2 bucks:

The Witcher: Enhanced edition
Secret agent
realms of chaos
escape goat
Thanks to apehater for a good trade.
Fuin: Thanks to apehater for a good trade.
Many thanks to DampSquib for a gift, I am humbled by his generousity and it's very appreciated to see people like this with such good will... defintely re-affirms my faith in people. I can't thank him/her enough.
Thanks apehater!
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Want: A Story About My Uncle

Thank you hummer010 for a smooth trade.
Want: Stick it to the Man!

Wakka66: Thanks apehater!
Might as well try it here:

I have one Starcraft key that activates the game at and lets you download it from there. I'd like to trade one for three $1.99 games from the current weekend promo - Hocus Pocus, Secret Agent, and Realms of Chaos. There's a chance the key won't work and if it doesn't then you don't owe me anything, so please don't scam me. ;p

PM me if interested.
Stuff from current promos I'm interested in:

Sacred 2 Gold
Duke Nukem Manhattan Projec
Story About My Uncle, A

Stuff I can trade Feel free to contact me if any of these should strike your fancy!
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