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Thank you for the good trade, gbaz69!
Thank you for the trade, Psyringe!
Thanks for the nice trade, amund! :)
Impaler26: Thanks for the nice trade, amund! :)
Likewise, thanks!
Thanks for the trade amund

edit: offer expired
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gbaz69: Thanks for the trade amund

Got a few more new steam:
3 Stars of Destiny
Ballpoint Universe Infinite
One Way Heroics
Rush For Glory
Steel & Steam: Episode 1
Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory

Got a few more new desura editions:
100% Orange Juice

My big list of have games:
this thread (has links to my gog/steam rep)
steamtrades (this version is all ways up to date)

ps. I still have a greenmangaming 'Complete GTA Bundle' single key for trade. ~Reported to have both GTA1&2
If the GTA bundle is the same as the GamersGate GTA bundle, I can confirm it does include GTA 1 & 2.
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Removed .
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Race Driver GRID from the current GOG promo (to trade it to someone)

Steam gifts:
Defense Grid 2 beta key
Hamilton's Great Adventure
Just Cause Collection
L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition
Men of War
Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack
Vegas: Make It Big
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Want: Unreal Tournament & Unreal Tournament 2004 on Gog.

Have: Promo games, Steam games. Let me know what you want and we can work something out via PM.
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Thanks for the blessing undeadcow :)

And don't forget to check my updated (09/August/2014) Trading List


I can buy a game on promo to trade for one of the list below (Gog, Gamersgate or Steam)


I can take GamersGate Blue Coins. Also you can suggest me any RPG, Open World, Turn-Based Strategy or Diablo-Like games :)

Have fun!
Guys, please follow the rules of the thread, specifically with regards to rule number 3: "IF you have a long list PLEASE LIST YOUR GAMES ONCE HERE OR USE ANY THIRD PARTY LISTINGS LIKE GOOGLE DOCS/pastebin then just bump your list with an updated link referring to your original post. No one wants to see the same list over and over again :p"

Thank you very much!

Updated list! :-)
Updated list
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