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stasongrom: Thanks rejitj for the trade Jagged Alliance Flashback.

Who can offer Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition on trade? GOG version of course

I would buy any game in this price range like a

P.S. Please answer not to PM. Answer in this topic.
Thank you for the games, Stasongrom. Thanks for being patient too :-)
Thank you for a magnificent trade, SorcerousSundries :)

also bump
Thanks for the smooth trade, Schizo2015!

Escape Goat
Gone Home
Deponia Complete
Planetary Annihilation
Q.U.B.E.: Director's Cut
Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
Secret of the Magic Crystals Complete
The Nightmare Cooperative
Gratuitous Tank Battles

Escape Goat
Soulcaster II


See Wishlist and make GOG or Humble Store DRM free offers thank you :-)

Star Wars Republic Commando, bundled together with Dark Forces (GOG)
SW Jedi Knight II - Outcast (GOG)
Guild 2 + Pirates + Renaissance (GOG)
Aarklash (GOG)
Consortium (GOG)
Napoleon Total War - Collection (Steam)
Shogun2 Total War - Collection (Steam)
Avernum Escape from the pit (Steam)
Driftmoon - both (Steam and Desura)
Grimm (Steam)
Redshirt (Steam)

Interested in : GOG games, for instance Anno 1701, Al Quadim, Forgotten realms 2 & 3, Timelapse, Terranova, shadow of the comet, ... . Of course, depending of the game, you can propose exchanges between combinations of keys above and one of the whishes
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Bumping my post.

Looking to trade Interstate '76, Monster Bash, Sudeki, Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut, Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure, or TetroBot and Co. for Gex.
I have a steam key for Ilamentia

Looking for anything Payday 2 related or Hotline miami.
Sublevel Zero
Morrowind (gog)
Forgotten Realms Pack 3 (gog)
Albion (gog)
Revenant (gog)
X Wing (gog)
Tie Fighter (gog)
Reassembly (humble)
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (steam)
Mountain Crime: Requital
Braveland Wizard

Deleted. See new post at 8432
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My main Trading Post
My Steam Games with Cards Trading Post

Rarities and Curiosities

Thank you for your consideration

I accept Steam Trading Cards for all my keys. Details are in the respective Trading Posts above. Swap your unwanted Steam Cards for games now! :)

Please Note:
Too many scammers trying to fleece me in Chat lately. As such I'm defensively paranoid. Will not deal with someone I do not recognise.
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I have on steam:
75% off on the title Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition.
Can't be applied with other discounts.
(Valid until 10/19/2015, 12:02:41 PM
I want on steam:
Trading cards from
Game: Expeditions: Conquistador
Conquistadors on the road again 1
The Armada 3
Female Conquistador 5
The Beach 6

A good day!
Thanks for the great trade, rejitj!

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mchack: Added Have gog:
Wasteland 2 Director's Cut

bump for wants
Thank you, Mchack for that trade after all that naming confusion :-)
Im interested in the current Bundle Stars Promos bundles

FEAR bundle
FPS heroes
RPG heroes
Reboot 4.0
Reboot 2.0


Witcher 3 (nvidia coupon)
Darksiders 1 (steam humble bundle)
Risen gog key
Xenonauts gog key
Darksiders 1 gog key
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